Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Something Else Baking in the Oven

I hope you had as wonderful a weekend as we did in Miami! We spent the weekend poolside at the Biltmore in a cabana with family. Baby Sles really liked the water...or so I would like to think. Can't feel the little one yet...ANYHOOOO...
Two years ago when I had my first show, I painted, Key Lime Pie...a very popular (and still available) little painting.
Last year I decided to add to the pie collection and I painted, Pumpkin and Cherry Pie...
I also added Moon Pie and Pecan Pie to the collection (but on bags and not canvas)... (all still available).
Long story short...what if for the September show I did Pies, instead of the alphabet. I asked on Facebook and Twitter for some ideas...and I combined them with some I had sketches for already... here is the whole collection...
Let me know what you think...and let me know if you can figure them out.
Always appreciate your thoughts!!!


  1. I think the alphabet sprinkled with pies

  2. I'm all about pies. I say go for it!

  3. OK---so the majority of folks are saying go with the pies...so that will be what I go with. A series of 20 pies :)
    That means I have 17 pies to paint between now and September.