Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just Because She's a Girl...

Yesterday I registered for about 90% of the things we need for Cas (have I mentioned how amazing it is to call her by her name?).
Only a few things are missing...
1. Her crib (PB Kids)
2. Our glider (PB Kids?)
3. Crib sheets (Tadpoles)
4. Baby Einstein Activity Center

Anyhow--- when all is said and done, this is what her crib will look like.

What do you think?

Just because she's a girl doesn't mean she has to have a pink on pink room. So far we are building her a yellow, blue, red and green room. I think it is going to look really amazing when it all comes together.

I am loving her bumper and dust ruffle -- I was immediately drawn to them when I saw them. I then came home did some research and found the yellow gingham I was looking for.

As her room comes together I can really start to think about what her monogram will look like. I know I want to make it really big and special.
I am still trying to decide whether I will do a monogram or her initials...

What do you think?

It's all really feeling much more real---and soon I will be able to feel her moving around inside. I cannot wait for that!!

Hope you have a great Sunday!

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  1. mmmm our glider is "on order." I find it to be dreamy and can't wait for its appearance. JUST put the crib all together (bumper, mattress, sheets, etc) on Friday! I MUST take pics tonight.