Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2 Great Things in One Day!

What a crazy day in sports! First...the US takes out Algeria and tops Group C to move onto the next round...all thanks to my boyfriend Landon Donovan.

THEN...the longest tennis match in all tennis history! The match isn't even over ...they are finishing it tomorrow because they ran out of light!

...those weren't the only good things though. My cravings for red meat took us to a really yummy new place. Evos. All their beef is natural grass fed, the fries are air baked and the milkshakes are organic. I will say...the buger was really good and felt guilt after eating it. The fries...meh, I'll pass on those next time and get the fruit cup instead. There is another cool thing about Evos...they have this ketchup bar...mesquite ketchup, garlic ketchup and spicy ketchup...very good.

Yes, this does mean that I had a burger two days in a row...but c'mon...I'm 20 weeks pregnant...well into month 5...and the books say I need to eat iron.


  1. I've really been getting into World Cup! And one might have been able to tell who was watching online at work by which offices erupted into spontaneous cheering at goal time.

  2. Garlic ketchup sounds amazing! And, I never ate more cheeseburgers in my life than when I was pregnant! :)

  3. Those are 2 great things! xoxo

  4. Now I want Evos too! Totally heading to the mall to get some tomorrow!

  5. Really what could be better than discovering two new great burger places? xo