Friday, May 28, 2010


This September I have the great honor of showing in the gallery at Books & Books in Coral Gables again.
My show last year was a hodgepodge of my work, things I had been working on all year...but no real theme.

This year I have decided to do a "Miami A.B.C..." series of paintings.

Let me tell you that some letters are easier than others to come up with an image for (think A for Alligator and X for????) I've put out a RFL (Request for Letters) on twitter...and now I am putting it out on here and Facebook. are the letters I am having issues with...or am not 100% on...

N, W, X, Y , Z....

Let me know if you have any ideas!


  1. Are you only doing Miami theme? I thought of Epcot Center, Key West,etc.

    Surprise is on my site!

    Art by Karena

  2. Karena,

    Yeah...Miami...I'm actually now only searching for help on I,R, W, X and MAYBE Y...

  3. For W you should do water or waves. R could be Rickenbacker.

    X is really hard. The only thing I can think of is the Super Bowl (XLI)?


  4. Maybe look into some exotic fish and plant specimens, from the sea with these letters? Good Luck..and congrats!

  5. Thank you ladies!!! These are good ideas. I think for W I am going with Whip-n-Dip my favorite ice cream store. I'm going to ask my eco-historian for an "X" Tuesday.

  6. X - I know you would rather have a more "natural landmark" over a brand - but we do have Celebrity X Cruises (;jsessionid=00009bZBvPfTe4Jh7fDMYUJJvXa:12hdbcveb?pagename=company_profile&cS=SIDENAV).

    There is also X-Treme Rock Climbing (

    Or finally, WMIB/Miami Becomes 'Super X 103.5' -May 14, 2010: Clear Channel Radio makes a move at Urban WMIB/Miami, turning the station into Spanish Hot AC "103.5 Super X" at noon today. The new website is up and running here, and Super X is also available on iheartradio.

    "Based on the South Florida population being over 50 percent Hispanic and growing, adding a second Spanish-language format to the cluster provides us the best opportunity to mirror the South Florida market," Clear Channel Radio/Miami President/Market Manager Brian Olson said. (

  7. You won a giveaway on our blog lady! Come check it out. : )

  8. You are so creative, thankfully you started early as I'm stuck trying to think of anything. xoxo

  9. Thanks again ladies! I think I found my X...I've got another idea cooking (literally) right now...I'll post later. xoxo

  10. X? What would Miami be without X-otic dancers!!! Somehow, I don't think that would fit in with the rest of them though... W, waves, water, waxy leaf begonia? Y, yucca, yachts and Z zoo, is all I can think of. Then again it is 3:30 in the morning and I should go back to bed. Besos!