Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 18 (so 2 weeks ago)

I'm a slacker...I didn't take a week 19 picture and now I'm 20 weeks. However, I thought that I'd show you all my progress. As you can see I am carrying a giant...I mean...I was not tiny to start with, but I'm big! I'm afraid of what I will look like 10 weeks from now...and 10 after that...oh dear!

In the meantime I do what I can to stay active, work on projects outside of museum work and dress as cute as I can in the smoldering heat of Miami! ...and I mean smoldering, it's only June and the highs have been in the mid 90's...I do NOT want to know what the temps will be in August...and I REALLY don't want to deal with a hurricane (and therefore no a/ hot water...etc etc etc).

Hope you had a nice Monday!

Oh...just in case you didn't catch that, this picture is from 2 weeks ago. I was at the Biltmore Hotel with sorority friends playing Petanque.


  1. Do not worry about being giant! I had the most giant pregnant belly I had ever seen. Total strangers argued with me when I told them there was only one baby inside. I gained 60 pounds and birthed a gorgeous 11-pound baby girl. 12 months later, we're all happy and cute as ever and I'm wearing my pre-preg pants again. No worries! You are adorable!