Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Friday---Give Away Announcement

Happy Friday!! What a great week this has been for my little crew. It's amazing to know that we have a DAUGHTER on the's just wonderful to be able to be able to refer to the baby as...SHE!

So, the day before yesterday I ran a little give away. I said whoever guessed the correct sex of the baby would be eligible to win one of my "what I wore today" watercolors...but of YOU.

Here are the readers who guessed correctly,
Mary Michael

As you can see I took the names, wrote them down, cut them into strips, folded the strips into equal quarters, put them in a bowl, shook the bowl, and pulled out the winner.

Our guess what Baby Sles is winner was Annechovie.

Email me the picture you would like me to use with details of what you are wearing...along with your mailing address.

Thanks again everyone for submitting their guess. There were only a couple who guessed boy...sorry. I hope it's a boy next time....but for now, thank heaven for little girls!


  1. Congrats...a baby girl! Sugar and spice and everything nice..happy pink wishes to you both!

  2. YAY congrats! Go team pink!!

  3. Aw, I am so excited for you! Congrats! I am sorry it took me this long to make it to your blog - I have been out of town. Thank you so much! I will get the info to you.