Wednesday, June 9, 2010

24 Hours to Go...Guess and Win!

When I first found out I was pregnant, the first few things that I thought about were...
I wonder how far along I am...
I wonder what I am having...
I wonder who the baby will look like...
I wonder if the baby knows it will be financing my retirement...

I'm kidding on the last one...a little.
Anyhow---the first question was answered as soon as I went to see the doctor the first time.
Now the time has come for the second question to be answered. Should Baby S cooperate, I should know what we are having sometime between the 3:00 and 4:00 o'clock hour TOMORROW! I am thrilled...I'd love a boy, but I think it's a girl. However, at the end of the day it really doesn't matter what it is, all I care about is for the baby to be healthy!

Needless to say you know what I will be blogging about tomorrow. It's been lots of fun hearing everyones thoughts on what I am having based on...what think it is, how I am carrying, what the Chinese calendar says...etc...etc...etc.

Today is your last chance to let me know what you think it is...
For everyone who guesses the right sex, I'll enter your name into a giveaway for a "What are You Wearing Today" watercolor painting.


  1. I'm going to say girl.

    I and everyone else I know did the Chinese calendar just for fun. It's been right every time so far.

    I can't wait to hear!!!

  2. SO exciting!! I also "knew" I was having a boy. I can't wait to see if your prediction is correct.

  3. Intuition goes along way :) I placing my bet on yoy having a baby Seba. Congrats and we are all waiting to hear too :)

  4. I'm hoping for a baby spice! :) she'll be destined to have amazing style and great family fashionista heirlooms.

    Super psyched to find out either way - YAY!

  5. I'm going to say Boy - but only because you're thinking Girl. I felt M was a boy for sure until the sonogram showed us a hamburger instead of a hot dog. Enjoy - this is truly one of the best surprises life gives us.

  6. My friend Kati is trying to comment and cannot...she says girl. :)

  7. girl.....the last 5 people I know have had boys and I'm ready for a GIRL GIRL GIRL

  8. How exciting! I think it's a girl, too. Best wishes!