Monday, June 14, 2010

Q is for Quinn

There is nothing like being in the Junior League. You meet so many wonderful woman who evnetually become your friends and support system.

Last night after a simple question, one of my JLM friends, Austin offered me her crib mattress! So thoughtful and generous of her...I told her I would happily take it off her hands, IF she would let me paint a small something for her daughter's room.

Here are preliminary sketches for Ms. Q's painting. The green "Q" with half and half purple is a color test...not really how it will look. I think I like the lavender Q on light green...I also think I like the monogram more...
Mama Austin will decide when she sees it and will let me know.

Which do you like more?


  1. I really like the two-toned purple one!!

  2. Can not choose, love these color combos!