Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's start from the very beginning, a very good place to start...

Yes, as Maria taught us all in The Sound of Music,
"...let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. When you read you being with ABC, when you sing you begin with Do Re Mi.." and when I paint I begin with a sketch.
Here's a look inside my sketch book.
This was my brainstorm session while on the plane to DC. That's how it all begins...a song lyric, a conversation, something I see...I then do a VERY small black and white sketch--plotting out the colors...
Then I do a color sketch in my book...and THEN we consider the sketch for canvas.
Once I decide what is going to be painted, a whole other set of steps begin...and I'll tell you about those when the painting begins in July.
So now you know the first of MANY steps!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Things I'm coveting since DC trip

So I go to DC...and naturally I come back coveting certain things...
such as a pair of Jack Rogers in gold...or silver...
or...a pair of Minnetonka thunder bird mocs in brown suede...and last...but not least... I want a new one of these...because my original got apple sauce spiled all over it years ago by a family at an outreach I was doing for the museum I worked for at the time...
See...I find inspiration in lots of things...and the colors of these items are colors you will see in the summer painting series.


There are things in this life of mine that make me happy...
my husband, my dog, my family, my art baubles...

I think I like these things because no matter how thin or pudgy I get or feel...these things always make me feel a bit sparkly and fab.

One of my greatest bauble sources is my friend Kristin Pearce, first of all she has great taste (you should check out her blog it's on my blog roll) second of all she is really good about reading you and your style before she recommends anything to you.

Bellow is a picture of some KP designs (available currently in her etsy shop) ...I just find them to be so versatile and they have such longevity--they're classic staples each and every piece!

Anyhow--baubles...they make me smile, they give me butterflies...I adore them.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP MJ, Farrah and Ed...

I was 4 years old when I first saw Michael Jackson grace the TV screen as he girated along with a band of zombies in his Thriller album. I remember seeing the album...and how it open up like a grand triptych...
I grew up on MJ...and he's always been with me in some shape or form...whether singing "Dirty Diana" to friends named having my college boyfriend dedicate "PYT" to me on our first date...and most recently adding "Butterflies" to my ipod "Songs I Love" play list...
ABC, One More Chance, Man in the Mirror, Beat It, Bad, many...
Today we also lost, Farrah's striking, how on one hand, losing Ed McMahon and Farrah is something we can understand...but MJ being on 50 leaves me with this one thought....
When it's your's your life your life to the fullest everyday! Don't be afraid, because life is meant to be enjoyed.
Live, Laugh and Love!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lights, camera, dice...

Last night we were without power for FIVE hours...oh summer in Miami is so much fun with these storms.
Anyhow--I was completely unproductive ...unless you count singing Michael McDonald outloud with your husband and friend productive.
Your vote.
All I can say is "Ain't no mountain high enough, ain't no vallery low enough, ain't no river wide enough, to keep me from getting to you babe!"
...reagrdless...tonight there is power and I will be productive.
I have some sketches to scan and upload.
As usual...tell me what you think and follow along friends.
When I hit 30 followers I am going to do a give away.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last Night's Work

There are various animals that I adore...most are fairy tale animals, such as our friend the Frog Prince. I have several Frog Prince figurines in my office at home...and I have been meaning to paint him. So this summer he made the list. I think I'll keep the color combo and make his crown metallic.

This is the great Queen Bee...I've been meaning to paint her for a while, as i do love me a bee...Not sure what color the background will be yet. Her crown will definitely be a metallic gold! I mean...she is la reina no?!

These are two of the sketches I worked on last night. Inspired by my DC travels and ventures into Vineyard Vines...these are the new crabs in my life. There is another new crab on the crab.
I did some more work for commissions last night...but this is some of the summer list I hammered out.
Let me know your thoughts and follow along!! Thanks again for all your ideas and most of all, your support!
ps- Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

it has begun...

So tonight I started all the official sketching for summer painting. I also finalized the list of what I am going to paint...and friends, it's going to be a BUSY couple of months for this one.
I have decided that in July I am going to focus on the gifts and commissioned paintings...of which there are a total of 10:
baby A
baby CC
baby L
baby M
baby J
baby G
baby R
baby K
baby C
baby S
UNC Basketball
Buddy and Bailey
then in August I will focus on the show...
pumpkin pie
apple pie
book stack
brontosaurus love
mermaid in curlers
dos pinos
hojas verdes
double banyon
two palms
5 little bigs
los pollitos dicen
frog prince
queen bee
king crab
crab cake
bowl of cherries
dallas hall
silver clouds
sugar cookies here we go.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Clothes Swap

Last night I fell asleep at 10:00 pm without blogging for the day...I was tie-tie (Dubonics).
Anyhow---so today I have been prepping for my clothes swap with friends. I have been doing this with museum folk--but my friends fell in love with the idea, so tonight I am hosting 8 of my closest girlfriends and we are doing our "first" Sip-n-Swap...what is it? Well, you bring allllll the clothes, shoes, bags, jewels, books...whatever you DON'T want anymore...and you swap! While you enjoy cocktails and nibbles with your friends. It is a FUN and FREE way to add some things to your wardrobe.
What does this have to do with my art? Nothing...but those of you that know me know that after work...comes shopping as far things that are "my thing".
Happy Friday!!
ps- anyone interested in joining next time--drop me an email and I'll let you know.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DC inspiration

So I was inspired alot while in DC... even before I landed I filled my sketch book with 3 pages of sketches.
Here you can see some of the things I drew on the plane...
On Saturday night I sat on the couch with Jess and told her all the things I wanted to paint based on my time with her in DC.
The summer painting list has grown yet again...and Friday I am going to go buy supplies to begin the work. I think there are going to be some really good things coming from this list including....
Crab Cake
Apple Pie
...and much more. I'll post some more of the sketches tomorrow and start to fully document the creation of a painting.
Until then mes good et a demain.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

DC Days

So my 5 days in DC were wonderful! AS you read, Day 1 was full...but Days 2-5 were even more full...Smithsonian visits (Air and Space, Natural History, Indian, American History)...the National Botanic Garden, The Natonal Gallery of Art, The National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden (3 days in a row)...private tour of the Capitol thanks to Dudley...seeing museum friends at the Smithsonians...dinner in MD with some of my Sacasa cousins...lots of rompin' in Georgetown...lots of eating...lots of walking...lots of research...and most of all...lots of FUN!

I did a lot of sketching in DC and have come up with many many additions to my list of things to paint.

All in all, I took over 500 pictures here are 4...

Friday, June 12, 2009

DC Day 1

So Day 1 in DC was lovely...although there was an hour delay leaving Miami thanks to some panel....
alas do not worry the hour wasn't bad, I read Time and People front to back...and was serenaded by a pair of dueling toddler brothers in the row in front of me...awesome!
Point is, I made it!
Jess got me and we drove into Georgetown to her cute little blue house with the white door...
After dropping bags, we hit the ground running and went over to M street for lunch at Clydes (Blue Moon and burger) then a little shoppy shop, J.Crew, Anthro, VINEYARD VINES style...that's right, I love my VV cherry. It was GREAT! We came back to Chez Morse, and took the pups to Rock Creek Park...up a hike to a place called, "The Meadow" which reminded me of the Meadow in Twilight (only Edward was missing...*sigh).
Then...dinner at Paolo's with Dudley, who never fails to make me laugh. His stories of working on the Hill for a LA Senator are classic...
3 Sangrias and one scary walk to Georgetown later (scary because of the infamous Exorcist stairs and Don playing the music to it when we were stumped and called him)...we went to sleep.'s now 7:30am on Day 2.

...sorry I don't have pics to share yet, but I will when I get back. In the meantime...follow the adventures along live on Twitter...where I am @Dubonics.

...and yes, the sketch book was broken in and I am happy witht he work so far.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

And cue the music...
So tomorrow morning I am leaving on a jet plane to visit Jessica, our favorite Singleton in the Kitchen, in our great Nation's capital!
I can't wait to see her, visit museums with her, eat and...well shop (who are we kidding).
I will do my best to blog while I am there, but if I can't you can rest assure I will let you know how it all went when I get back on Monday night.
If you REALLY want to know how things are going as I explore DC with one of my BFF's in the whole entire world...well follow me on Twitter, @dubonics ...
While I am there I will break in my new sketch book as I have a possible new set of paintings to do for one of my favorite little girls in the world, Ms. Maddie, who really wants mermaids, fish and maybe a yellow submarine to share her room with her.

Monday, June 8, 2009

More creative friends...

So I haven't done a classic shout out to the creative friends in over a week.

There's Pieces of Phee a blog by my new friend Stephanie who is a great graphics designer. Stephanie not only blogs about her work but takes her designs and makes them into great treasures.

There's Jessica who is one of the best cooks, bakers...chefs ever. Jess' has thsi great blog where on a regular basis she shares her adventures in the kitchen. The best part, is that I get to see J this week when I go visit her in DC.

So there you go, two more creative friends for you to enjoy.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Art for everyone

One of the things I am most proud of are my prices. I think thats everyone deserves original art in their home, and that is why my paintings start at $100 and usually only go up to around $400. It always depends on the size.

So if you liked my stuff before, I hope these prices will make you like them even more.

I'm painting all summer and taking commissions as well.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dallas Hall

I've been thinking of adding Dallas Hall to my list for this summer.
Now, I know that it is not a piece that too many would be drawn to--but that's not why I'm painting. I'm painting to bring the drawings that I adore to life on canvas.
So here is a sketch of Dallas Hall, pen and watercolor on paper.
From the hilltop with love from me to you...this one will be dedicated to all my Mustang friends.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Additions to the summer painting list

First of all thank you to everyone for your suggestions. From elephants balancing on spider webs to curly haired mermaids!
I was wondering, do any of you remember --la vibora de la mar--? That's another good one and could be fun to do...
Anyhow I have added to the list of paintings...

Pumpkin Pie

So thanks as always for following and giving me your until tamale!

In the mean time I will look up the lyrics to Vibora de la Mar.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I keep saying I'm going to start painting in the summer...and I will...thing is...tomorrow is the last day of school, which means that this FRIDAY is summer!
So...guess what? This weekend, I will finish what I started this spring...and when I get back from DC I will send paintings to
- chicago
- austin
- ft. worth
- palm beach
- brooklyn
When those leave my small office studio, new work can begin.
So stock up on your sunblock because summer is nearly here and we have lots of painting to do.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5 little pigs

Here is the sketch for one of the paintings I will work on this summer.

I haven't quite decided on the background color but I am leaning towards the grey tone... I think it will look nice against the pink piggies.
This like most of my pieces was inspired by a conversation with my friend Katie in January. We were talking about suckling pigs...don't ask...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Painting List

Last night I started putting together a list of sketches i want to bring to canvas this summer....
1. Brontosaurus Love (a.ka. apatasaurus love)
2. Mermaids (curls, heavy &?)
3. Dos Pinos
4. Hojas Verdes
5. Two Palms
6. 5 Little Pigs
7. Los Pollitos Dicen...
8. Princess
9. Bay of Pigs
10. Double Banyon
any other ideas? requests?

Shades of light...

I saw these yesterday while at Marshall's. I simply adore the color combination as used by the theme...normally I would want this to be reds and blues...but I love the green and pink palate.

I think I'm going to have to work with this and come up with something...other than wishing I had a baby girl who's room I could stick these in.

Later tonight I will post my working list of paintings I will be working on this summer.