Sunday, May 31, 2009

With a song in my heart...

Music definately plays a big role in my work. When I paint, I sit in the living room on one of my orange chairs, plug my ears with my ipod and put it on shuffle.
Sometimes the songs stick with me that they become paintings.
"Edge of the Deep Green Sea"..."Night and Day"...
So what is playing a lot on my ipod these days?
Kings of Leon
Vampire Weekend
Hot Hot Heat
Jason Mraz
Matt Nathanson...
...and many more.
As I'm piecing together my sketches for painting to begin this will definately play an essential role.

So listen carefully because the lyrics I belt on the way home may be on canvas by the fall...and you may recognize one of my lyrical images.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Blonde Mermaid

So my lovely blonde mermaid has found a new home! As of next week she will be hanging on the studio walls of the great Ms. Shana Nye, photographer exptraordinaire!
I think red headed mermaid is a combination of jealous and sad because her BFF is moving on without her.
This means I'll have to paint her a new friend...perhaps a purple finned brunnette who wishes for yellow fins or something...
What do you think? What should my next mermaid have on her mind?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love tumblr...

So I have a tumblr blog --which I use to collect images I really like and share them with other people.
Today I came across this and fell in love. Don says it's because it looks like something I would do...
I think it's because when I read this outloud I do so with a pirrrrrate accccent...arrrrr...
Repeat after me mateys...
whateverrrrrr floats yerrrrrrr boat!

Day Job...

So, as some of you may know I have a day (VP, Education for the Historical Museum of Southern Florida).
I love my job- it allows me to be creative and make an impact...and I have the most incredible, smart, talented and driven staff in the museum field here in Miami.
The other thing I love about my home away from home is my office. I am synonymous for creating what I call "Happy Walls" wherever I have worked...and my wall at HMSF is the best one to date.
Here is a picture of me from today with my wall behind me.
As you can see its a collection of pictures of the people and places that inspire and motivate me.
Stop on by anyday and take a look for never may already be a part of it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hot town summer in the city...

...and Lovin' Spoonfull starts to play, "Hot town summer in the city..." By George it's officially summer in Miami. It's like someone turn "on" the rain switch last week and it hasn't stopped.
You know how else we know it's summer? My FAVE old man crush is taking over our TVs, Max Mayfield. what does a girl do on a rainy summer afternoon? Well, take CSD Art and Illustration and make it an official company naturally!
Today I met with the creative talent behind, Compendium Business Solutions, Terra Smith. According to Terra, we'll be "official" by next week. How quickly we grow up! quickly in deed!
OK--move along now--nothing else to see here (until tomorrow). Hasta manana, put on your rainboots and pack your umby...Max says it's going to be stormy this afternoon...and I trust everything that man says!
ps- thanks to all the new followers!! ;)


So when I originally drew this I was in college. It wasn't until last summer that it came to life on canvas. Of the 25 paintings I did for my show last year, this was one of the crowd favorites. Today PB&J = BFF's lives in LA with one of my BFFs.
As I go through my day anthropromorphizing everything these characters come to life.
Originally paired with this painting was Key Lime Pie, Breakfast (both still available) and soon Pumpkin Pie.
Anyhow--point is I need to start thinking long and hard about my Books & Books show (September 4 - 30, 2009 in Coral Gables). So--why don't you take a look on my website, and tell me which series you like the most...or tell me what to NEVER know!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

En guard!

Je pense que c'est poussins son tres mignon. homage to the piece I'm working on how could I resist these peeps?
This is what they are probably saying the one with the blue sword is French, his name is Jean-luc and the red sword is British and his name is Clive.
Jean-Luc: En Guard you brown toothed Britange!
Clive: Sod off you French bastard. I can smell you from across the channel.

Los pollitos dicen pio pio pio

This is something I am working now. My cousin Michelle (who's my twin by birthdate) asked me to paint preppy chickies...I feel like I need to add something to the other two a string of pearls on one and a monicle on the other? Thoughts...comments...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Creative Friends

So I am surrounded by incredibly creative friends. I thought I would take some time to promote them and their work...the thing is there are so many of you...I hope I get you all.

First there is Nadia who I've known since I could spell my name. She is an artist, crafter and mother. Her blog is great and worth following...

There's Bea who makes these incredible flans! They are delish!

There are my cousins who are taking their daily evolving skills as mothers to children under the age of 3, and sharing their thoughts while helping others moms vent and cope way...

And the talented Kristin Pearce who's jewels adorn my neck, ears and wrists and who's blog is a delightful account of her day to day adventures through life.

there are many more of you...those who inspire me everyday and push me...

Today I...

Today I started organizing the books in my office like this. I think it looks really good--and I didn't have them in any particular order before...
I do adore my books.

Getting Started

It's no surprise that I am a fan of the internets (ha-ha) with several ways to find me through blogs, facebook and twitter. Dubonics (
Twitter: @Dubonics
I started thinking about conversations with friends...and how I come up with the ideas for my paintings. That's where this blog was born through a conversation about inspiration and how these stories I paint come to life.
I hope you will enjoy this blog, and visit my website ( ) where you can see the finished products...and hopefully collect or comission your own piece of my brain.
A bien tôt!