Friday, September 28, 2012

Week-Ender 22

Happy Friday friends! I had such a nice week. Nothing in the world beats time with family and friends, and when I wasn't working this week...that is what I was doing. I hope you had a fantastic   week!                                                                           

C all dressed up for a Saturday afternoon with mommy and coco


Sadly they did not fit!

Goodies with friends!

I love my friends!


Monday look

One of my favorite burgers in town! Best shared with one of my BFFs from college

Art in public places

My first Community Council meeting as VP, JLM

3:05 coffee time

School picture day

Board meeting day ensemble

Love this

Check me out!

50s girl in Teen Miami exhibition

Tooth brush time!

Alice in Wonderland Pop-Up

Friday jewels

I hope you have an amazing weekend! Relax and enjoy your down time. 


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday Threads: A Colorful and Affordable Fall Ensemble

I'm honestly not sure what I am writing about tonight. I think I am just going to share with you some great things I have come across while on the Internets and in my fave go to stores these days.
How cool are these? They are beyond fun for the fall. A great shoe for a pair of skinny jeans, a cute dress with tights. The best part they are from TARGET and only $20! They also come in pewter glitter and black glitter.
This leopard print trench coat is water repellent and can be yours for $50 at TARGET! I know...I know...but what can I say? It's great for the fall and beyond because of the print. I originally saw this when I was in Seattle, then it showed up here in Miami...and then in my closet.
I know I have talked about this necklace a lot...but this green is stunning AND it is on sale! If you go to J.Crew online right now, it too can be yours for about $120. The color is really spectacular for the fall.

Now take all three of these pieces, put them together with a pair of skinny jeans in a great color like these and a white t-shirt like this and BAM! SUPER cute outfit!!

Hope you are having a great week!! 


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Fall Ready!

Happy Wednesday! I will say this morning I SWORE it was Thursday...but alas, it was only Wednesday. Happily this means I get time with my sketchbook so that I can draw my now ritualistic Wednesday drawing. marks the last page of my sketch book! I have been drawing Wardrobe Wednesday in it since C was a newborn, and as you know she is nearly 2 now!
So...this is what I wore today...

1. Black cat eye Ray Ban glasses
2. Flat gold link necklace (bought years ago in NYC)
3. Red-Orange blazer, Target
4. Black top, Old Navy
5. Black ankle zipper skinny jean, Gap
6. Gold glitter loafers, Target 

Hope you are having a great week! 


Monday, September 24, 2012

Music Monday: Rules of Dee

Like many others last fall, I read the Hunger Games. When the movie came out, I was there like a bear. Then the music started. Some movies integrate their soundtrack fluidly, think Forrest Gump -- others don't yet the music is lovely, think The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games soundtrack was full of beautiful music such as this song, Rules by Jayme Dee. I recently heard this song on the XM station, The Coffee House.  It's such a pretty song, and if you read the books, or saw the film, then you will like the song even more. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you had a nice weekend!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Week-Ender 21

Another fantastic week! There were a few events that I was having such fun at that I totally forgot to pull out my this morning I was at a fashion preview for the Beaux Arts ball at Neimans...oh well! Never the less, the week started with my Goddaughters 3rd birthday party and from there our adventures included visits to Key Biscayne, matching friends, famous friends and a new BFF for Mini.

Candy Bar
Drawing with Tia Kiki

Go Gators (a new phrase!)

dots and birds

this little girl looks like she went through my closet!

Not on purpose

Fab and famous femme friend Violette!

C's family collage

Heading to the Key


My city by the Bay

Four eyes

New BFFs

Time for tea with the girls

Have a fantastic weekend! May the sun shine on your shoulders and champagne be served at brunch!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday Threads: Seeing Spots

Old Navy's chambray polka-dot shirt is a perfect way to indulge in this fun print without going too crazy on the dots. It's $25 online and at stores. Since it's chambray you can literally wear it with any color pair of jeans, or a black maxi skirt. It will also work well as the days get shorter and cooler. Great find!
I promise I am not paid by Old Navy (although if you know a way they can pay me in clothes I'm up for that)...but these "Rock Star Jeans" in polka dot are so cute! Paige denim had a similar pair, but those were NOT $19, which is how much these are right now! Go online right now or visit your nearest store (all of their colored rock star jeans are only $19 right now).
These tights brought to you by Kate Spade are beyond perfect for the fall. I really like the way they are paired with this dress. They could also look cute under some wool shorts! Find them online for $32. You might also be able to find them at Nordstroms.
Here is another cute option from the Gap. The great thing is if you just want a touch of polka-dot, this is a great option and it is currently on sale for $19 online. You could even pair this with that Old Navy chambray shirt up top to mix up the size and color of the dots.

Happy Shopping! 


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Blue and Green

Yesterday was a bit of a hectic day--- so in an effort to make up for a lack of Art Talk Tuesday, I painted not only today's ensemble but yesterday's. Big fan of them both, especially yesterday's.
1. Ray Ban Wayferer
2. 2 Kristin Pearce Design necklaces (one pearl, one pearl and crystal)
3. Blue and green plaid blazer, Merona: Target
4. Black and white polka-dot shirt, Merona: Target
5. Hunter green skinny jeans, Target
6. Brown, Eddie flat, Tory Burch

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Music Monday: Late to the Game?

If you are like me, the first time you saw this face was on Saturday night during this years SNL season premier. Psy, a South Korean rapper apparently is a viral sensation...and I understand why. His song, Gangnam Style has been climbing iTunes charts, breaking the million views threshold on YouTube and now has been seen not only on SNL, but talk shows like Ellen and the Today Show. If you have not seen it, you's bizarre, funny and catchy. Oddly catchy.  

Hope you had a nice weekend!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Week-Ender 20

Exhibit installation, colors galore, amazing art, fantastic speakers and a toddler in a fish pond...that pretty much summed up my week. I hope you had a great week!

Saturday at the museum

A Merrick coral rock house

My sister from another mother

Foxy lamp

School girl

Tea time at her new table

Fall colors

The superintendent addresses the Junior League

bold and beautiful

Beaux Arts gallery at the Lowe Art Museum



pond girl

American Commission for Humanities and Social Sciences hearing in Miami. Testimonials were given by Gloria Estefan, Mitchell Kaplan and Donna Shalala.

I hope you had an amazing week, I hope you have plenty of reasons to celebrate this weekend AND I hope you relax and enjoy your time with friends and family!

Have a GREAT weekend!