Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Chicago Cubbie

One of my dearest friends has been living in Chicago for about 8 years now-- and just this year she and her adorable and funny husband had the cutest, chubbiest baby ever!

This week I am finally getting to Chicago and get to meet sweet baby James.
I have been meaning to paint something special for sweet baby James and tonight I started working on my piece for him.

His room is blue and green with lots of ocean life --- so this is what I drummed up.

Currently I am waiting for the paint to dry so that I can go into the outline phase and then touch ups. I only have 24 hours to work on this---so I will work fast but efficiently on this one. It's going to be the first time I travel with a piece too-- so I am going to have to pack it up nice and safely with lots of love for safe delivery to my little Cubbie.

I love painting these nursery pieces.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Maggie, Don and Me

This summer some of my best friends all made additions to their families with the cries of sweet babies.

As a 31-year old, married for 3 years...together for 8...the obvious question looms--- when are you having a baby?

Well, I already have a baby...Maggie Anne and she is going to be 9 in December. She's a sweet, generous, thoughtful girl who always welcomes me home with a smile and a wag at the end of the day. Maggie is one of my favorite subjects! There are currently two paintings of her in my house- one of her at my in-laws and dozens in my sketch books. The next painting I am doing for me...for us...is of "the three of us".

A few years ago, a booked called "Marley and Me" came out and D bought it for his sister who's dog is named Marley. AS you know that book soon became a movie and tonight D and I watched "Marley and Me" and literally cried like babies (I did more than he did)...I realized that Maggie is our Marley. She's been with us from the beginning. Maggie was just over a year old when I came into her life...and Don picked her up in Winter Park as an 8 week old puppy.

I love my Maggie.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Save Kate!

Last night I went to Aventura Mall for a Junior League event, Shopping Card for a Cause kick-off.

The deal is you buy this $50 card and from October 24-November 8 you get 20% off over 100 stores in Miami. It's fantastic! ...especially for savvy budget deal-hunting shopping girls like me.

...so I open up my booklet with the list of stores and to my surprise I see, Kate Spade. Well I immediately make a run (as fast as a girl can after a few glasses of wine in heels) for the store.

When I get there I am greeted by two lovely attendants, Janna and Anne. They are attentive and friendly...and then lay the bad news on me... the store (which has been open for about a year) is closing in early November!

...Aventura was not the place for them it seems. I recommended they try to get Kate Spade Corp. to move them to the Village of Merrick Park in Coral Gables (where I think they would sell hand over fist)... and they loved the idea...which apparently they had heard several times over.

"The best thing you can do is write letters and emails to NYC and tell them how you feel. The customer has a strong voice with the company." is what Anne told me.

So, now I'm telling you.
If you, like me are a fan of the fun and playful line of bags, shoes, jewels, paper, eye wear and now clothes--- send an email to retail_customerservice@katespade.com or you can call M-F starting at 8:30am, 1-800-519-3778

Thanks and let's save Kate in Miami!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tell Me What to Draw

When I was in college I use to sit on my couch and ask my friends to tell me what to draw. This tradition has stayed with me...and even to this day I will sit on my couch and ask people to tell me what to draw.

This hula-hoopin' tortuga is a product of the game. He's happy enough isn't he?!

So..here we go--- I'm going to do a tell me what to draw shout out...comment back--tell me what to draw--I'll draw it and post it.

...so tell me what to draw :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Three oh Three is the Magic Number

Today is our 3 year anniversary. Although we've been together for 8 years, there is something special about your wedding anniversary. I thought today I would share with you some of my favorite images from that special night in 2006.

These were some of our favors. The theme was a tropical beach with shades of blue. The maracas and hats were all made by hand in Nicaragua.

This is how our place cards were displayed. Among coral in bamboo mats from Nicaragua.

The tables were all set in shades of blue with tropical flowers on top. The tables were named for special places that D and I had been to. At each setting there was a photograph of the place and each lady had a special hand addressed gift at their setting. A hand made domed candle holder in the shape of a church and village from Nicaragua.

Going up and down the steps to the County Club Ballroom were large vessels filled with sand and candles. It was a beautiful touch.

Family members all looked up pictures of themselves in our guestbook and signed next to their image. It was a labor of love to put the picture guestbook together, but since I love taking pictures it was only natural.

This is one of my favorite pictures of us. We did the untraditional and took pictures before the ceremony--which was one of the best things I've ever done.

Here I am with all my bridesmaids and flower girl. I love my gals and though you can't tell, their dresses were the opposite of mine-- blue with white band and mine was like Maya's with a blue band.

Here I am with my colorful House Party who made me smile all day long in their coral colored dresses. I really wanted to take pictures at untraditional places at the Biltmore Hotel.

Here's my handsome beau with his groomsmen and ushers on the Biltmore Golf Course.

250 family and friends filled St. Philip's Episcopal Church for our nuptuals.

This is a picture I really wanted...being an avid reader of Hola magazine. I wanted a picture of the entire family. We took this after the ceremony, only one small branch of the family was missing.

Our first kiss as man and wife!

Our first dance was again...untraditional. D and I can really dance, so we cut a rug to Carlos Vives, Fruta Fresca. A fast upbeat song...that we both love but had never danced to before.

I can still taste the Rum Cake by Edda

My blue hydrangea bouquet and our wedding bands. D's is titanium...mine is a simple platinum band.

Following tradition--- we took shots of Bushmills Black Label with all of our friends. Slainte!

Lots of dancing all night long in the Country Club Ballroom-- everything from salsa to 80's, 90's and today...some disco...honestly something for everyone.

And if you got tired of the music--you could step outside to the other bar and enjoy the night air on the Biltmore Golf Course with friends and family.

The party went til 1:30am...and it kept going after we left the Country Club Ballroom. Our friend Jeff hosted a fantastic after party. D and I were fortunate enough to stay in the famed Everglades Suite, a.k.a. the Al Capone Suite. Click on the link for a picture of it. We actually bumped President Clinton from the suite for the night.

All in all it was the most magical weekend of my life, as we really made a full weekend of it. I will always look back on our wedding weekend with great joy.

Monday, October 19, 2009


In the spirit of Halloween I thought I would post this drawing of monsters I did a bit ago.

I like my monsters....I find them to be scary yet sweet...in a Disney Pixar kind of a way.

I did some other monsters after these which I should photograph.

Anyhow--- have you found your Halloween costume yet? I'm going to be woman a-la-Mad Men.

...by the way a big thanks to readers for your comments. I am enjoying them and appreciate your thoughts.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cardboard Paintings

I did these a long time ago---this is what happens when I happen to have my paints out and something to paint on.
I am quite partial to the tribal looking one on the bottom... I may have to try that on a larger scale... what do y'all think?
Anyhow--- it's Saturday and my Gators have won (again-hoorah) and so SMU Mustangs are tied 7-7 playing Navy at home.
I'm pulling for a win here...
What else have I done since getting home from a LONG day (teacher workshop 7am-4pm)--- sorted through canvas and labeled them for paintings that I must must must start.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Chef Ninja

Tonight I took the night off from D and went to the Arsht Center of the Performing Arts with 3 friends for the Celebrity Chef Series.
Tonight's two chefs were Ingrid Hoffman and Daisy Martinez from the Food Network.
Daisy Martinez was hysterical and she inspired a new drawing/painting for me to do...
She called the student chefs from Johnson and Wales University, "Chef Ninjas" .
I immediately had this image of a ninja with a chef's hat and apron... LOVE IT!
I will draw this and post at some point....
...in the meantime...although it is Friday night---my day job is calling. I have to be in at 7:30am tomorrow morning for an 80 teacher workshop on Object Based Learning and how to use the museum as a resource. I'm really looking forward to it...but not about waking up at the crack of dawn and missing football all day tomorrow.
So, buenas noches.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Contrasting Colors

A little experiment in contrasting colors.

That's what this painting is--- a bright yellow sun on a purple sky--- the blue ocean up against an orange shore and red petaled flowers with green stems.

I didn't finish it because I thought the contrasting colors would be more aggressive with each other if they were a bit separate.

...anyhow...I have 4 nursery paintings to keep working on. I will post pictures as the progress becomes more eventful.

In the meantime---keep sending me ideas of things you'd like to see me paint or draw.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back to the Banyon

Have you ever noticed how huge Banyon trees can get?
The ones in Sherwood Forrest (the back 4 at Granada) alone are mahusive (look it up in the Dubonics Dictionaryhttp://www.dubonics.blogspot.com/ ).
Last summer for my show I painted a Banyon tree based on this sketch--- then this summer I painted a Double Banyon, based on another sketch---inspired by the Banyon canopy down parts of University Drive.
Anyhow--- I love these trees---even though I was never the kid who would climb then, I just don't travel vertically unless riding in something motorized like an elevator or plane.
I'm sure there will be other Banyon trees in my painting future.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

If You Don't Know Me by Now

Just like the song says, "If you don't know me by now, you will never never never know me, OOOOOoooooo"
Most of my friends will tell you that ever since I was about 15 I have been ordering the same thing at restaurants who claim to have a "good burger". I get the burger.
This has made me a burger connoisseur of sorts...I can tell you the good, the bad and the "eh, not worth the calories" ones in Miami...Dallas...and NY.
Today, I lost my Five Guys virginity. This summer Five Guys got a lot of attention when a certain Nobel Prize winning president made his way from the White House to Five Guys and walked out with a number of greasy bags...a month or so later I was in DC and walked by the Five Guys in Georgetown nearly every day...but did I go? No...I wanted to save that first outing for D. Well, little did I know while I was in DC, he was at Five Guys in South Dade (bastard!)...
Well, here we are now...months later...and tonight---we went to Five Guys on Kendall Drive.
Was it worth it...honestly....the fries were CRAZY good...the burger was...good. I didn't realize I was ordering a double burger when I ordered the cheese burger...so maybe that's what threw me off.
Will I go back? Hellz ya!
...free peanuts, great fries, and burgers made to order?...what's not to love?....oooo and that cool Ice Tea machine....yeah I'm going back!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lovely View

While going through old sketch books last Sunday I came across this acrylic sketch.
This is one of those sketches I think I will always leave alone. It really seems at its best just like this.
Over the next few days I'll probably share more of these lost sketches of mine.
This one...I like to call, Lovely View.
I think that is what you would have if you were sitting on the front porch of this house.
Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Oh mon bebe

I spent the evening with my girls. Julia and Olivia.
I love them...I seriously LA-LA-LOVE my nieces. Oli is the smartest, wittiest 3 year old I have ever been around.
Jules...well she is just the most alert 2...3 weeks old girl.
I am the luckiest girl to have the sweetest girls in my life.
...I have to get started on Julia's "J"
...that will be my work this weekend...Julia, Adi and Carlos.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And the winner is.....

Funny thing is...Subha and I have been friends since about 1st grade, I have pictures somewhere to prove it...so again thanks to my friends...old, new and virtual for the comments, and support! :)
We had 28 entries for the week.
...Subha please email me your mailing address and I will paint and send.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last Chance

Tonight's the night---your final chance to enter a chance to win an original mini-painting.

Now--for my entry for the day.

This is a sketch of the Double Banyon --honestly---I love it. A lot...I may have it framed type of love.

I also decided to absorb Rolling Hills into my personal collection this weekend. I use it for my blog image---my twitter page--- it's a favorite.

Anyhow, this weekend I am going to start working on 3 nursery pieces and some sketches for a potential commission.

Thanks for all your comments throughout the week. I'll be picking a winner tomorrow.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Last One for the Weekend

This was a very big weekend. Friday was the JOBC Auction-- which was a big success. Catered by Relish with a bar sponsored by Bacardi...it was a super fun event too.

Saturday-- was a nice relaxing day of football, errands with my mom...and more football.

Today was a very entertaining day. It was the blessing of the animals at St. Philip's --and Maggie came with us and was VERY well behaved. Sweet girl was the biggest of the dogs and was in the company of turtles, hamsters, fish and even a bird!
After that, it was time to help my friend Ana celebrate her bday (which is tomorrow and she shares with another dear friend of ours). She hosted a BBQ for the Dolphins game at her house---great food--great friends...and MANGO MARGARITAS! YUM!!

So in honor of a fun weekend full of friends and celebrations, I thought I would post these two spirited drawings from my sketch book. The "Vino" drawing is in homage of my friend Jess and the ninja is a funny conversation from years ago...the idea that we are all ninjas in our own way---and we all (most of us) like cocktails... guess you had to be there.

Anyhow, hope you had a nice weekend.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

water coloring...

I did some water coloring.
Just playing around some in my sketch book.
I had just come back from visiting my Oli and she and I were talking about princesses...and how long her hair is...and curly.
So she inspired this long curly haired beauty... princess meets Gossip Girl if you will.
Why can't we all have loads and loads of gorgeous hair that cooperates like in this watercolor?
...a girl can dream can't she?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Next Show at Books & Books booked!

OK--- so mark your calendars! I have just been booked for another month-long solo show at Books and Books in Coral Gables, September 3-28, 2010.

Between now and then I be working on several things...
1. prints
2. onesies
3. canvas shopping bags

I'm also going to be taking some of my pieces to a great little store in Coconut Grove, which is interested in carrying my things.

So the show in the Gables may be over, but there is still much to be done.
...and you...the Holidays are right around the corner. How about a little something special for that special someone you love.

I'm officially taking commissions again!