Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Art Talk Tuesday: London Calling: Olympics 2012

I've been wanting to post this drawing for a week. I love the Union Jack, it's such a fun flag and can be a great backdrop for other prints. So here it is with the Olympic rings, pretty cool eh? Hope you are enjoying the games, not letting NBC spoil the results for you and having a great week!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Music Monday: I'll Tumble 4 Ya

This weekend while watching the Olympics with one of my friends, I made what I thought was a really funny joke, "I think the GB men's and women's gymnastics team's official theme song should be 'I'll Tumble 4 Ya'" ...silence. "I've never heard that song before" she said with all sincerity, "HOW is that possible?" I asked her, "I was born in 1982" she said, "So? I was born in 78" I quickly went to YouTube to remedy the situation...upon which she said, "Oh yeah! ...that's funny!"

So for those of you who have not heard "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" in a while...or ever at all (since that is apparently humanly possible) here it is. Enjoy...and while watching gymnastics today I hope you will sing along.
London 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Week-Ender 13 (Saturday Edition)

Saturday backyard fun 

Sunday church lady

puddles with mom

granada blvd. banyons

chihuly at fairchild

downtown murals

pink snail

go gators

a room with a view

actors playhouse

real men sing show tunes and play with puppets

epicure lunch

opening ceremonies

ready for parade of nations!

Nicaragua, 6 athletes

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday Threads: My Old Navy Shopping Cart

Oh Old Navy...you do this to me time and time again! I currently have these items in my shopping cart...

I love this top! It comes in a whole slew of colors but I love the white. It's on sale too!! If you are looking for other colors, it comes in black, green, blue and yellow. It's light and breezy...perfect for the hot,hot,hot dog days of summer we are in the thick of!

I am in love with this maxi dress. 1. It covers my arms 2. It's a beautiful shade of blue 3. I can dress this up or down! Available online this beauty is just one click away from being mine all mine! It also comes in a pretty eggplant and classic black. The other nice thing about this dress is how easily you can transition it into your fall repertoire! Totally worth $37!

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Navy & Green

It's Wednesday! I have to say I saved this ensemble for today so I could blog about it. It's a combination of things in my closet and treasures found this summer.
1. Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses
2. Pearl earrings
3. Navy cardigan with beaded collar, J.Crew
4. Navy & green stripe tank, Old Navy (currently on sale)
5. Cobalt blue maxi skirt, Gap
6. Gold glitter flats, Steve Madden

Hope you're having a nice week!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Art Talk Tuesday: You Are the Sunshine of My Life

A friend of mine recently told me, when you think you are having a bad day, just remember that someone else is having an even worse day. It's beyond true! I am so fortunate to have friends who give me sage advice and offer cheer me up moments that keep me going. They are the sunshine in my life. This drawing was inspired by my sunshine friends! May we all be a little ray of light for the people we love, because we know their light shines on us everyday!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Music Monday: Light Bright

I recently heard this song on XM, I can't remember what channel but I really liked it. Ellie Goulding Lights. This is the British artists debut album and I've really liked everything that I have heard. It's a light song (no pun intended) with a soft techno beat, the kind of song to get your run going or to listen to poolside with a cocktail in hand. A nice summer tune for sure!

Hope you had a nice weekend!!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Week-Ender 12


Beach time with family

C's first time on the big beach!

Bastille Day Dinner

Alors les enfants!


Miami Herald escalator

vintage accessories for the Teen Miami exhibition


Ready for the rain!

View from above

Last day with the teens

The teens tell me it's called a slutty brownie

waiting for the people mover

Another week gone! I hope you had a great one, and may your weekend be amazing!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Threads: Kate Spade Highlights

Hello, hello! This week I am bringing you my current favorite pieces from Kate Spade. I am a sucker for glitter! You would think I am 6...but alas we all know I am not. Kate however, seems to have the same affinity for glittery goodness as you will see with two of the pieces to be worn on fun and festive occasions. The third piece can be worn everyday and is sweet and subtle.
The Sawyer heel in "multi" This is a PARTY PARTY PARTY on your feet! How can you NOT dance the night away in these lovelies?!
I normally would NOT recommend matching your glittery shoes with a glittery bag...however...this clutch has a frog prince on top! If there is one thing I like more than glitter, it is a sweet frog prince. Kate again hits two of my weaknesses with this one!
  This pretty bow bangle can be worn everyday on its own, or paired with other bracelets. I love how feminine and subtle it is (especially compared to the other glittery goodies).

All of these pieces can be currently found online at Kate Spade.

Happy Shopping!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Mustard + Grey

Today and tomorrow I'm going to a ton of meetings, so that means I have to look like I took a good amount of time to get ready in the morning. This is what I have on today...

1. Pearl Earrings, gift from my mom for Christmas (similar here)
2. CZ side cross
3. Mustard cardigan with zipper close, J.Crew
4. Charcoal grey ruffle collar top, Nordstroms
5. Charcoal grey + mustard flower print pencil skirt, J.Crew
6. Black croc embossed kitten heels, Isaac M.
7. Black cat eye glasses, Ray Ban

Hope you're having a nice hump day!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Art Talk Tuesday: Bubbles & Lines

So last week as you may have noticed I changed the look of the blog. In an attempt to make the blog look cleaner but still very much reflective of ME...I drew a few things on the good ole iPad as potential headers. Obviously I did not use either one of them, opting for my Ikat design I drew on the iPad nearly a year ago. I wanted to share with you the two pieces I draw last week though. I've always been a fan of the chevron...and since I talk so much about fashion, I thought one of my current favorite pieces could be a fun header.
Anyhow I hope you are having a great week!