Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Week 14 Begins...as I Slowly Grow

So week 14 is here. Some books say I have been in my second trimester for a week...others say its now...whatever...I feel great! I am growing and my regular clothes are shrinking.

Here are some sketches from the past two days. Yesterday I had my first board meeting for the Florida Film Institute, so I had to look my best...even tried a new hair style.

Today was the Annual Junior League of Miami meeting, so with head shots for the directory, a marketplace and loads of friends who were seeing "le bump" for the first time, I really needed to look as cute as I could. The best part of the marketplace was Kristin Pearce and her dazzling treasures! I happened to be wearing some already...so as I was talking to her, people kept coming up to me and asking me about them. It was great...love KP! Even added a little something to my collection this evening. Her website will have its shopping capabilities up really soon which I am looking forward to for all of you out of town who can't get to her trunk shows, etc.

It was so fun to have people come up and tell me I look great...not going to lie, made me glow a little more than the baby already is.

Hope your week is going great! Tomorrow is already hump day! Hoorah!!

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