Monday, May 3, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers

The end of another month brings the beginning of another one...obviously...however, May always feels like such an exciting month. Proms, graduations, the beginning of summer.
This May brings all of those things for many people, for me it brings memories of those things...and the present excitement of the beginning of my second trimester!
It also means that the Books and Books show is months away and I must get

I am taking suggestions for paintings.

I have been productive though. I organized my main closet so that it is all maternity friendly-- I met and started sketches for baby Miles (the cutest little blonde).

So in order to keep productivity going--- I'm taking suggestions for the show.


  1. LOve that little black dress, can you please design one so I may buy????????

  2. I really like your style & I, too loved the litte black dress! Welcome to your 2nd trimester - hope you enjoy the glow.