Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's in a Name?

My mom did not want to name me Cecilia, as that is her name...but my father apparently was insistent...hence you have me, Cecilia, today.
No, my mom wanted to name me either....
Mariana or Fernanda
...the irony, my cousin Fernanda (born 8 months after I was) named her daughter, Mariana.

So here we are now, 4 months prego and on the verge of finding out what sweet little treasure is growing inside of me as I write.
Names...names... well luckily we have those selected.

...but there were a lot of GREAT names on the list that did not make the cut....I thought it would be fun to share those with you.

Anastasia Sofia
Charlotte Anne
Sabrina Anne
Carla Sofia
Felicity Anne
Francesca Sofia
Cecilia Lucrecia
and my favorite... Sofia Carolina

Donald David IV

...that's it...we LOVE our boy name and never had to go through the exercise of "what will we name him" other than the pros and cons of the only name listed above.

...so you are wondering...what are we going to name our baby? Well, both names are family names...and we love them.

Cecilia Anne or Sebastian Wolf

Since I am a Cecilia, if we have a girl, we'd more than likely call her Cas...until we find another fun nickname...
and I feel like Sebastian would end up being called Wolfie by me a lot...with sprinkles of Sebas here and there.
We'll see.


  1. What a wonderful life you have already started for Cas or Wolfie. How could it be that this child won't be the center of every party??? It is not possible. These names certainly combine tradition with flair - love them!
    Congratulations on your name selections... personally I am happy to hear that the Cecilia tradition will continue if a girl - and one of my five favorite movies is Amadeus in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart goes by Wolfie by his loved ones!!! Yay! So excited for you all.

  2. Thanks Heather! I'm glad you like them. You know...we dont like traditional names, and though I LOVED Sofia, my cousin put it best, "there is an army of them out there"...so Cecilia won! :)

  3. I'm jumping in on the baby names bandwagon since we're struggling with this now. We had no problem with a boys name (came up with one in 5 mins.) We have yet to settle on a girls name which is exactly why we thought it would be a girl and voila! I love all the names you chose. It's such a difficult decision and in the end I think we all use cute nicknames. No one in my family calls me by my given name!

  4. Same for us--boys name was pretty darn easy! I think if we had found out it was a girl... much debate (in my head) would have ensued.

  5. I agree with the first comment -- totally think of Mozart when I think of Wolfie and that's a good thing! Lovely names, Ceci. Can't wait to find out which one it will be!

  6. a- so its a girl right? what name have you selected?

    a.b.- what did you name your boy?

    jess- I can't wait to share the news!!!

  7. OMG, I'm totally stealing Charlotte Anne if I ever decide to have girls. LOVE it!

  8. OH! How sweet is this! And how adorable is Cas and Wolfie...cutest nicknames!

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