Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sketches for Baby Slesnick

For years I have been painting for nurseries. Finally, I have a nursery of my own to paint for!
Terribly exciting.
Last night I drummed up these sketches of what could potentially go in Baby S's nursery. I think the yellow background would look so pretty against a kelly green wall. Pink letters if we have a Cas, light blue letters if we have a Wolfie. The elephants would be a nice compliment to the fabric we are planning on using...and I would probably do a number of different animal panels to accompany well as treasured prints.
My mom is also giving us a horse print she bought in Spain while she was pregnant with me. It's lovely and really goes well with the "chic circus" theme we have going so far.
Thank you all for your thoughts so far on everything from the names to the nursery conceptual plans.


  1. Adorable! And a kelly green wall?? LOVE!

  2. Congratulations on expecting - that's exciting! xx