Thursday, September 3, 2009

What to wear...what to wear...

Ok--First I want to say I just spent nearly 9 hours with the Miami-Dade County Commissioners public budget hearing. if this doesn't make too much sense...sorry.

Anyhow...some of you may know that other than art and my work at the museum the other thing outside of my family and friends that make me happy

People have been asking me, "What are you going to wear?"...well I am wearing something very special to me.

My dress is of my own design, hand made in Managua, Nicaragua.

My necklaces, bracelets and earrings are handmade by Kristin Pearce, a dear friend and talented designer here in Miami. You should take a look at her etsy shop for treasures you can call your own.
Tomorrow morning I will be hanging the show at 9:00am...and then I will be arriving at Books and Books at around 5:45pm. I am beyond excited and overjoyed at the support I have received from you all this summer. I can't wait to share tomorrow night with you...and if you cannot be there physically I know you will be in spirit.
So thanks! I will try and blog before the opening...if not you know I will after.

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  1. I love the outfit you will wear. Kristin's jewelry is beautiful. I have a necklace from her collection.

    Cheers to you Ceci.