Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Last Baby Shower Brings New Onesies

So today I along with two friends hosted the last baby shower of my personal 4 shower marathon.
Per the request of the prego baby mama...I painted the shark from my painting onto the onesie for her little boy (did I mention that of the 4 showers...only ONE was for a boy?!).
This is the onesie for CAP, due next month.
CAP is going to be a big big only 5 of the 20 onesies were for 0-3 mos. We figured...he's big...and going to keep growing.
Cheers to all of my prego friends...those who has their bouncing babies...and those waiting for things to happen.
As for the onsie...I'm really enjoying making these...and will actually happily take orders!!

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