Wednesday, September 30, 2009

IOMOI new things...

IOMOI is one of my favorite sites in the entire world.
It's one of those sites where I can't get anything because I can't decide which pattern I like the most.
It also makes me want cuter business cards...and a cuter logo.
Check it out...and take a look at all the new products they are about to launch like Lucite trays, ice buckets, and bags!
Just another way I get inspired everyday...


  1. Ceci, Thanks for sharing this wonderful treasure of a site/company - I love all the patterns too, which does make it difficult to choose! THX!

  2. This is a nice site, thanks It's like eye candy!

  3. Very nice! Here are some sites I enjoy for fun and inspiration: New wallpapers for your desktop each week (Cec - maybe you can design one!) This is a great and funny food blog...always something entertaining here