Saturday, September 19, 2009


I've been meaning to paint Albert...the University of Florida mascot for some time now. I just think he is the cutest...(after Peruna, SMU's Mustang).
This is a sketch I did of Albert about 2 years ago. Honestly...isn't he cute?
Today---UF beat Tennessee and is 3-0...while UF was playing my beloved SMU Mustangs started their game...which they are currently winning.
So in honor of it being a good old fashioned college football Saturday .... I wanted to post my Albert.


  1. love this!!! (even being a 'canes fan!!!) super cute!

  2. speaking of mascots and spoke-persons...should HMSF have a mascot or a symbol to represent it? maybe its too late...but if you could choose one for HMSF, what would it be? :D