Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Fall" is officially here...

It all really started on Saturday when NCAA football season started (ok--I know it started earlier but SMU and UF did not play until Saturday...and Lee Corso did not put on a mascot until Saturday).
There are few things that I look forward to like I do the college football season. Oh...Hoorah!.... AND my schools WON!! YAY!!! GO PONIES!! GO GATORS!!! (don't hate...don't hate)

The other mark of fall...tonight was the first Junior League of Miami (JLM) General Membership Meeting (GMM). It was like the first day of school--seeing all my friends who have been away for the summer---or working really hard...the GMM's give me the opportunity to catch up with lots of great people.

Tonight at GMM was especially nice because I heard so many great things from my JLM friends who were able to make it on Friday and those who could not make it but have stopped by Books and Books ...and those who are going to make their way out.

This is what I am loving about the art being on display at Books and Books for the month...Books and Books is a wonderful local store and it is frequented by fantastic people...so I am glad that my pieces are bringing a smile...even a chuckle into the lives of those who walk past it.

So yet again...I thank you.

Fall is here...what better way to celebrate than with a fun piece of original art work, who's sale helps support a fine long lasting local institution as is, Books and Books.

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  1. I wanted to check out your exhibit but i was working two blocks down at Barnes and Noble! I love books and books! I have only seen the lincoln rd store so I've been meaning to check out the Gables store. Totally blew my opportunity! Boo