Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Come to Mama!!

Today is a "lucky day" the date is 09-09-09...I read read somewhere that it happens to be the 200-something-th day of the year and the single digits to that add up to 9...OOooOOOoooOOooo (ghostly oooo) Creepy!!'
But today also marks something else...something you would never hear me talk about. The release of a video game. But not just any video game...
I LOVE...I mean...LA-LA-LOVE, The Beatles.
I LOVE...I mean LA-LA-LOVE to sing.
I LOVE...I mean LA-LA-LOVE Rock Band.
Today...I am one of the happiest girls on Earth because The Beatles Rock Band was released!!!
Though I have not rushed out to Best Buy to buy it yet...I will this weekend...and my weekend (when not doing what I gotta do socially, work and volunteer wise) will be filled with the songs of the Fab Four.
I CAN'T WAIT!!! I know...I am a dork...but D says he has NEVER heard me talk about a Video Game with anticipation...and he's right. I usually am really bad at them...but I love Rock Band...and I love The this is basically the BEST video game known to my most humblest of non-gamer opinion.
So as they say..."It won't be long (yeah, yeah, yeah) it won't be long (yeah, yeah, yeah)..."

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