Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Step by Step

So...last night I started Hillary's mini letter and I finished it up tonight. I took pictures along to way to show you my process.
First... is the sketch in the sketch book. When I talked to Hillary she said she didn't really care about the colors, but her office had some blues and greens in I decided to take that and run with it...especially since I am a fan of this color combo. Then I draw the letter on my canvas and then painted in the actual "H" for Hillary

Then I painted in the background blue...this is where I normally set the painting down overnight...because the next two steps require drying. ... so I went to sleep...woke up...went to work for 12 hours...and when I came home I went right for the "H"....

That's when I do round one of Sharpie... that's what the picture above is...round one. I do the lines and then go back and touch up the color to make it more defined and bold...then...more I check email...let Maggie to D about my day... THEN...
I do the final lines...and VOILA! C'est fini!
...that my friends is how the magic happens. Is it everything you thought it could be and more?


  1. Love the step-by-step (writing that makes me want to break out into NKOTB song) pictures! I miss you!

  2. Fabulous! Beautiful! This Hillary chick sure is lucky!

  3. Thanks girls!Glad ou enjoyed the process!! :) Hil- I will stick it in the mail before Marshall's wedding if I can.. :)