Monday, July 27, 2009

Fish are Friends

Olivia loves the film, Finding Nemo. Every time she comes over, she gives me the biggest smile and squints her eyes and nearly hops as she says,
"Ceci, I want to go upstairs to your room and watch Finding Nemo and rest!"
Just like that...that's how she asks me.

On Saturday I was at her house and we were "drawing" (I draw, she scribbles over it) -- and I said to her,

"Olivia I'm going to draw fish like in Nemo" and she excitedly responded "OOooo Ok!" I draw three fish and say,
"What if I draw a shark!?"
" YEAH!" she says... I honestly had never drawn a shark before. I'm not even a shark fan...shark week scares me...but there I was at her Ikea easel...drawing a shark.

That afternoon-- I came home and brought the shark to canvas life. I'm thinking I know at least one girl who likes there are bound to be others joined by lots of boys perhaps.

This my friends is one of my latest paintings,

Fish are Friends, Here fishy fishy... dah-nah, dah-nah...

Let me know what you think!


  1. I love the shark Ceci. You have inspiration and imagination just pouring out of you. Congratulations on your beautiful art !!!!


    Cheers, Xoxo, Elvira.

  2. Glad you all like it!!! :) It's not only new but in a new smaller size I am experimenting with and enjoying.