Thursday, July 16, 2009

New York, New York

"I wanna wake up in a city that doesn't sleep...I wanna be a part of it, New York, New York..."
So I have been in NYC for 2 days now. It's the first time I have been back since I graduated from Bank Street College of Education in May 2007. The city is as lovely as ever in her chaotic state of comings and goings. The subways, the cabs, the skyline and hoards of people are making me smile and ready to go and make things happen!

Yesterday we landed and after an adventurous cab ride to 32 & Broadway--- we made it up to the Upper West Side to meet with a friend of mine from BSC and his colleagues at the New York Historical Society. We then walked across the park and up 5th Ave. to visit the Guggenheim, which is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary. Both visits were great for us as we are re branding- expanding and celebrating 70 years in 2010.
Dinner last night was at Artisanal (YUM!) ...cheese, soup...and wine of course!
Today was quite different. We haven't left the hotel, cooped up in a windowless ballroom talking about evaluations...WOO HOO (not exciting, but useful nevertheless). We will be heading to dinner and then repeating the cycle tomorrow.

So...what does this visit mean to CSD Art? Well, I am definitely excited about my Guggenheim and my Empire State Building with Chrysler Building sketches from last fall. I think I am going to do color sketches of them sometime soon and see where they go.

In the sketches, The Guggenheim is singing "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story while in the Empire and Chrysler drawing, Chrysler is confessing to Empire that she is not angry at him anymore for being taller than her.

NYC never fails to make things happen!


  1. Sounds like sooo much fun! I love NYC. Take care and enjoy

  2. Thanks Stephanie!! It was loads of fun!

  3. New York is always a place to visit over and over again, every season. A city that never disappoints, there is always a new exhibition, a new store, a new neighborhood, the city that never sleeps and lucky enough to have lived and worked there.

    Great NYC blog Ceci !!!!!!!