Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday afternoon storms...

So today I spent the afternoon finishing two commissions and starting on the summer painting list.
First, I tackled the secret looks awesome, but I can't show you...well because it's a surprise.

The next commission that I finished was Ginger's dogs, Bailey and Buddy. They are the two cutest little things and I think I did a nice job capturing them. They are bossy little things!
As you can see it was the normal process, sketch in pencil, then moved on to the first layer of paint- then started on the marker and then another layer of paint and the final marker touches.

The picture at the top is the finished product. I can't wait for Ginger to come home to see the boys in all their glory!

I also started on the summer painting list... I started Crab Cake and a new one which I was inspired to paint this afternoon after spending the morning with Olivia... Fish are Friends, Here Fishy Fishy, Dah-Nah Dah-Nah's a shark! Tee hee.

I'll post pictures of the summer list progress as I continue working on them tomorrow.
I also have to go to Michael's tomorrow and buy canvas so I can get rolling on some other things.

So, a demain mes amis!!

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