Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Do you remember being 3?

Do you remember being 3? It was 1981 when I was 3...living in Coral Gables.
Today was my niece Olivia's 3rd Birthday.
I remember when she was born, I met her on day 2, June 8...and held her very close and smiled down at her big bright eyes that took everything in...
Today she negotiates with me as she prepares for the arrival of her kid sister (name to be determined) in September.
The best part of my relationship with Olivia -- we draw. Oli and I draw and color and draw and color...basically every time I spend time with her...which is a few times a week.
She likes it when I draw, Mermaids...Uncle Don...cakes...
So I think I am going to dedicate my summer painting to my Oli Oli Oxen Free...
Tonight I am also beginning to work on "H" for Hillary! She has given me artistic freedom with it, which I am excited about. I hope to finish it and have it off to her by the end of the week.
I also got the green light for my secret painting...so that means I get to start that this week too!
So...yeah...I will get some work done as I watch 20/20's MJ Memorial coverage from earlier today...on Oli's 3rd birthday.


  1. Hooray for Olivia! All I can say is, it looks like you and Olivia are shaping up to have the sort of relationship that Suzy & I have . . . and that's awesome. Aunties and nieces (or tias and sobrinas) are the nicest things. Maybe sometime you can post one of Olivia's drawings?

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  3. that's a good idea....I shall post one of Oli's drawings...text and remind me. xoxo