Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Threads: Fall's Coming

Fall is coming! I know it doesn't feel like it outside, but new collections are starting to come in--- and that's good for two reasons, 1. Summer sales  2. a reminder of cooler weather to come. Today I got the ever exciting email from J.Crew... I found this  beautiful dress, which lead me to poke around on some of my other favorite sites.
So this dress is new to J.Crew and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the price was only $198 (which for a piece like this at J.Crew recently is NOT bad!) Imagine this with a pop of color shoe---or stay black and white with some tall black heels or sweet black flats.
So my digging then lead me to my dear dear friend Old Navy...where I found this amazing dress. If this isn't the perfect late summer to early fall dress, I don't know what is. At only $29.95, this is a no brainer. In the summer pair it with some nude sandals, then in the fall some black tights, boots a red're set!

So there you have it. Two fun summer to fall dresses for a good price! Happy Happy Shopping!


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