Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Guest Post: For the very first time. (wardrobe wednesday)

Reference.  Mads.  The Madonna.  A song which I would sing my face off to in college and back up dance to in grad school.  Like a Virgin.  It was before and Mads and I broke up.  Before she caught her British accent.  Before I realized how much better her body is than mine at our current respective ages.  Whatevs, this is my first time guest posting!  Ceci and I are friends from college.  Ok, honestly, we're sisters for life.  I had white pants, goat stories, and Grease songs to prove it.

To say I stayed up all night nervous about what I'd write would be a lie.  I took an ambien and had a little glass of wine and read some Insurgent and passed out.  To say I've been laboring over WHAT THE HELL I'M GOING TO WEAR for weeks, would not be over kill.

I'm not cool enough for colored jeans.  I'm not fancy enough for real arm candy.  I don't have amazing glasses.  I greatly desire some Tory Burch flats.  What I'm saying is that I'm no Ceci Slesnick.  And, what does one wear when they've been trying to hide their KU'dness (knocked up-ness) for MONTHS.  Only to be revealed today, because honestly, how do you hide it?

So here I am.  Guest posting for a fashion icon and telling her readers first---St. Patty's Day.  Get your green beer.  Bring your green hat.  We're havin' a baby--fashionably.

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  1. Haha! Amanda is great! Awesome guest post and First Wardrobe wednesday

  2. Also Ceci I like the new look of the blog