Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Threads by ETG

Why hello cSd followers! I am honored to be a guest blogger for Cecilia's Thursday Threads and I hope you enjoy the featured pics. Tonight's post was inspired by the massive amount of articles and editorial spreads for the upcoming season's trend of menswear for women.

I love the School Boy blazer look and we will focus on that since it goes hand in hand with the menswear trend AND is a great transition piece for this time of year. I love the idea of the androgynous look and I think that this is why I'm so attracted to the menswear trend. To me, it's an understated sexiness that doesn't require a woman to be super feminine or show too much of one particular attribute. I've also thrown in a few of my favorite things that are a great accompaniment to the blazer and have been trends this past year BUT are now staples in my wardrobe....and you might want them in your closet too. So, in my best Julie Andrews' voice, here we go, these are a few of my favorite things!
Merona® Women's Tailored Blazer - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
ONLY $34.99 Love me some Target!!
This is a great piece that Ceci actually tried on last week. I loved it on her almost as much as I love the price-point. If you want the details of high fashion piece use or to find some unique buttons and even consider stopping by your seamstress to ensure that this puppy fits you perfectly. Alterations make a huge difference in the fit of your clothes and there's no reason not to if you're a thrifty Target gal.

Cute blazer with the white trimming and notice how Gap and J.Crew are featuring the polka dot trend...more specifically, a watered down version of the allover prints trend. VERY easy to add a piece of polka to your wardrobe! Gap $88

Schoolboy blazer in wool flannel
I am a sucker for J.Crew. Their colors, fabrics, and cuts are so often worth the extra money spent. J.Crew $198

Boyfriend Jeans are my new fav. Pair them with heels or with the smoking slippers below and a blazer. Take a small box cutter knife and fray them up a bit where you want. Gap $69.95
Smoking Slippers. Your chignon is supposed to be unkempt, not your flats. Gap $39.95
Polka Dots Dress with Ruffles. Dress it up or dress it down. Old Navy $29.94

This is a cute sweater that covers the slowly fading but ever classic (in my opinion) trend of black and white. Snag some of the $20 dollar jeans Ceci featured last Thursday from Target and add the smoking slippers. Super cute! Old Navy $29.94 

A pulled together action shot of my favorites: School Boy Blazer, Boyfriend Jeans, and Smoking Slippers
Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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