Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guest Blog: Baking Pretties

Hey there, Jessica here! Ceci is in Seattle this week so she's lined up some guest bloggers to keep you entertained! Ceci and I go waaaay back all the way to freshman year at SMU and Dr. Monzingo's somethingorother-math-for-people-who-hate-math-but-whoah-it's-actually-HARD class. You know the Rhianna song "We Found Love in a Hopeless Place?" Yeah, that basically sums up the beginning of my friendship with CDS.

Anywhoodles, I adore Cecilia. We have spent hours together laughing, eating, laughing, shopping, laughing, buying matching jammies, maybe more laughing. She makes me laugh like no other. Like when we go shopping and we have to walk into Loudercrombie and Fitch just to shout at each other. Or when she cranks out her awesome Miami accent. Or when she told someone, seriously, "just because it's Dolce doesn't mean it's pretty." Suffice to say I love this girl for trillions of reasons, and I was uber flattered that she asked little 'ole me to do a guest post.

Ceci asked me to post about baking because, in her words, baking is my art. I do like to piddle around in the kitchen and make a mess, but I don't know if I'm quite at the art level yet! Maybe in a finger-painting sort of way I am . . . BUT, I digress. Rather than subject you to what I decided to bake this week, I thought, in the spirit of CSD Art and Design it would be fun to share some of the fashion-forward baked pretties that inspire me.

1. Color-blocked macarons. Le sigh. One of these days I'm going to grab my nuts and make macarons -- I've been dying to try to make this French Confection for ages but I'm terrified. And when I do, I would love to try this color-blocked version.
2. Sprinkles, sprinkles, everywhere! I loves me some color -- and this tiered cake, covered in sprinkles is made over-the-top wonderful with another one of my very favorite things:  bows!
3. Continuing with the color theme, I never really jumped on the cake pops bandwagon, but I do love this rainbow concoction of cake pops. It's just so darn cute with endless possibilities. 
4. Black and white lovely. Just to show that I'm not always a walking rainbow, I do love these simple black and white stamped cookies. They're so elegant. I happen to love the nature theme going on here, but I love the idea of using initials, too. 
5. And, last but not least, especially for Ceci, this glorious cake that reminds me of a Wayne Theibaud painting. It's just too perfect for words. 

Those are some of the things that are inspiring me right now! I think I could tackle every one of them . . . minus that glorious tower of cakes. Methinks that might be best left to the professionals!


  1. I love the sprinkle and now cake! I also really like the idea of monogrammed baked goods!!!