Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Threads: Guest Blogger Sheffield from Back-In-Style

Today we are fortunate to have one of my good friends, the extremely stylish Sheffield M. from BackInStyle, guest blogging for us. BackInStyle is a wonderful vintage boutique who has outfitted the likes of Julia Roberts on the red carpet.

Sheff is going to focus on one of the easiest things to give...a vintage handbag. With so many affordable options, you can get one for all the ladies in your life. Here are a few suggestions from Sheffield on how to choose a unique and special gift with out busting your budget! (Here is a picture of the two of us at a recent event at Henri Bendel in Miami).

A vintage clutch is a cute gift for a co-worker or friend who you go out with after work. Just attach a little tag that says "To friends, to fun, and to happy hour. Happy Holidays!"
Do you have plans with friends for New Year's Eve? Get her an evening bag for Christmas with a note that says, "Looking forward to celebrating with you!"
Totes make a great gift for lots of people.A friend who just had a baby and is looking for a stylish way to schlep around all that baby stuff. "To keep you looking stylish, (even when you have baby drool on your shoulder)."
A niece who is in school. “A stylish school bag probably won't help your grades, but at least it will make the other girls jealous.”
Someone who's New Year's Resolution is to go to the gym. "Here's to feeling good, and looking good!"
For your co-worker who always bring you your latte in the morning, a cross body bag. "It's easier to carry two coffees when your hands are free. Thanks for making my mornings a little easier!"
For your chic and sophisticated friends, there is the classic 1960s black Jackie O purse. "To Camelot! When I think of style and sophistication, I think of Jackie Kennedy, and you. Merry Christmas!"

No matter who it is, there is definitely an appropriate vintage handbag that would be a thoughtful and affordable gift for anyone of your friends, family, or colleagues.
Now where do you get a vintage handbag? If you are shopping for someone who lives out of town, shopping online is efficient, both in terms of ease of shopping, and ease of shipping. Vintage e-stores, like, and, as well as vintage marketplaces like ebay and etsy, all have a plethora of affordable and unique options. You can search for exactly what you want, a snake skin clutch, a retro tote, a vintage cross body bag, which can save you a lot of time going from shop to shop. Another bonus of shopping on line is that you don't have to worry about wrapping and shipping. Just have the vintage handbag sent straight to them. If its for someone local, try shopping your local thrift stores, and vintage stores. Be sure to choose stores in wealthy neighborhoods for the best merchandise selection. Oh, and one last vintage gift giving tip, take a little extra care when you wrap a vintage gift by adding a hand made gift tag, or using recycled wrapping paper, so it comes across as a personal and environmentally friendly gift, rather than a used bag.

Be on the look out next Wednesday when our Wednesday Wardrobe will again feature fashionable fashions from Back-In-Style. Until then please visit the website which now also has a showroom in Miami, Florida!

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  1. I've received a bunch as gifts and I always think it is such a nice present