Monday, December 5, 2011

Music Monday: Better Late Than Never

First of all--- I hope you had a great weekend!
Second of all, I will warn you...I am going to be traveling to Chicago this week for work, and will not be able to post my usual Wardrobe Wednesday or Thursday threads. I know you are sad, don't cry, it's OK! I'll post them next week!

Ok--- so onto the music!!
Sometimes I'm a little late to the game with music. I listen to a lot of music, but sometimes I'm not 100% up and up on what "the kids are listening to" ...part of the reason is because a lot of "what the kids are listening to" is crap... However when I hear something I like, I will shazam it, or I will ask a friend about it. This week I have 3 songs for you to take in...


The first song comes courtesy of my GBF, Derek who lives in Boston. Last night he sent me a satirical video to the tune of Carlos Baute's song, "En Tus Manos". I realized I liked the original song and had never downloaded it. The song was the summer hit in 2010! (See what I mean, late to the game) It's a catchy Spanish language song he sang with Spaniard Marta Sanchez. I have linked up the video for you to enjoy.


The second song I heard (not for the first time) the other night when I got sucked into a show on TV which will remain nameless...however Adam Levine and the boys from Maroon 5 performed their song, "Moves Like Jagger" and ever since then, I cannot get the song out of my head. I was singing it through most of the Art Basel events and fairs all of last week. It's such a fun song! Again, I have linked the official video for you to enjoy.


The last song comes from my friend Ana who in recent years has been the person who can answer my "who is this?" questions for pop music. She sent me a link for M83's "Midnight City" after reading last week's Music Monday post. After I heard it I realized I had heard the song a lot and have been meaning to download it. Naturally the video is linked up so you can hear the song yourself.

Any good music you've been listening to that I should download before my trip to Chicago this week?

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