Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Book Soundtrack

I'm back! I hope you are all well and getting through yet another week...the year is coming to an end and the Holidays are knocking at on our doors!

Well... Chicago was great! I love that city-- gorgeous architecture, amazing museums, friendly hearty people (you know with substance) and the weather was fantastic! Cold, sunny and one day with snow! The stuff that tropical dreams are made of!

Anyhow--- I bought a book to read on the plane (have I mentioned I am the world's slowest reader?). I started it on Wednesday on the plane to Chicago, by the time we landed I was nearly half way through--- read here and there while in Chicago and then the entire flight home to finally finish it up yesterday!

Folks---if you have not read The Hunger Games, I highly recommend it. It's book 1 of a trilogy. A friend of mine told me after we saw Breaking Dawn Part 1, that she liked the Hunger Games trilogy more than the Twilight Saga. I can understand why---and so can Hollywood as the Hunger Games movie is coming out in March 2012. Here is the trailer. It looks so good, I can't wait for the movie! The story is set in the future and is about a girl who is called up to participate in an annual fight to the death put on by her nations capitol. Her district in the country is known to be the poorest and has only had one winner in the Hunger Games in their 74 years. The story is engaging and fast paced---definitely glad I had book 2, Catching Fire, ready to go when I was done with The Hunger Games.

There is a bit of a love triangle and I've already found myself rooting for one of the characters over the other...and have fallen in love with him, just like I did Edward. Seriously Team Peeta all the way! Look at him!

I've also decided that these two (Peeta and Katniss) should have a theme song--- a soundtrack, and this morning while driving into work I heard Rhianna's "We Found Love in a Hopeless Place" and immediately thought of their story. I've linked up the video there.

So have you ever read a book and applied your own soundtrack to it?


  1. Hey darlin, I just popped over from Beth's place and wanted ya to know that I'm givin' a signed copy of "Social Climbers" away over at my place!

    Ya'll come, sit a spell and kick your shoes off. My door is always open!

    Have a beautifully blessed day sweetie!!!

  2. Oh sounds so interesting!!

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  3. I just wanted to thank you for visitin' with your sweet comment and hoppin' on my blog. I sure hope ya'll enjoy the ride!!!

    God bless ya and in the words of that silly old Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now, ya hear!"

    Enjoy your beautiful day sweetie! :o)

  4. Maybe this should be my next book purchase??

  5. My gosh! I just love this book. Am about to start the 2nd. The movie looks amazing