Sunday, December 4, 2011

Art Week in Review 2011

Go, go, go...that's what it was like. I know that I did not go to all the fairs, and I certainly did not get to all the parties...but for a mom of a 13 month old, I think I did well. Here is Thursday night- Friday in a nutshell. My celebrity sighting, my posse, my artist friends, my museum peeps and of course all of the art that I would have loved to have taken home with me if money and space were no object.
Thursday night I went to the Miami Art Museum's 10th Annual Party on the Plaza, a.k.a. MAM POP. As you know MAM is my daytime next door neighbor, so I make it a point to get over there and see their exhibits every time there is something new to see. Currently at MAM they have a beautiful collection of Faith Ringold's paintings on display. I had not gotten a chance to get over to see it until POP...and when I got to the back gallery I was stunned then there she was, in all her calm and matriarchal glory---Faith Ringold. I told my friend Chris I was just going to stand near her---take my picture...well turns out we had a short chat and got a real picture taken. I was a happy happy girl. Isn't she lovely?
My dates for the night were my gubby, Chris and one of my BFF's Heather. Aren't they stunning? Well, here we are posing in the over-sized MAM POP frame that was set up in the museum lobby. Shortly after this was taken, a sketchy Brazilian man asked me to be in his picture with all these cougars...I gladly accepted and subsequently photo bombed the shot. Tee hee.
Here Chris and I are smiling waiting for Rashaad Newsome's performance piece to begin---joining us are some of my artist/ school district peeps...everyone looking smashing.
This is my friend, educator and talented artist, Asser Saint-Val. He was one of my first Artist-in-Residence at the Miami Children's Museum when I was running that program. He was also an educator there---today he is an educator at MAM, and still painting. I am fortunate to have one of his paintings hanging on my wall. So that was the crew on Thursday night... now moving onto the Friday crew...
The fearless foursome! From 10:00am - 5:30pm these 3 proved to be fun partners in crime. Again, my dear friend Chris (again---he was def my art whore), and 2 friends from work, Thuvia and Sarah. Aren't our ensembles complimentary of each other?
We ran into an old museum peep, Ricardo who is the only way we got the stellar picture of the 4 of us from Friday. Thanks for being a willing and well suited photographer!
Here is a shot of the 3 HistoryMiami Education girls in the ab fab Legal Art, neon pink stairwell. It was amazing!
So that was the crew on Friday... now that all the players are in place...let's begin with the art.
On Friday we started our day at the Legal Art Collector's Brunch. The best part was the artist studios, especially the TM Sisters . Their studio/living space was a sensory overloaded magical oasis of music, mirrors, lights, video and energy! It was great!
After Legal Art, we headed over to the Arsht Center for a food truck lunch (YUM). I had never was great. It wasn't all about the food of the Miami Pop Up Pianos was there too! Isn't it pretty? I tried to convince Chris to play (the most talented organist/pianist ever) ...he was too hungry.

After lunch we headed over to midtown to do some serious damage. Midtown was home to 3 tented fairs, Art Miami, Scope and Red Dot. The 4 of us started at Art Miami.
This is "Beauty is Never Useless" by Chiara Moreschi. Part of the Persol gallery---this piece was sparkly and shinny and glimmering. A fun piece for any wall.
I love books. So what can be better than a series of classic book covers on your walls? Sorry--- I did not get the artist information on this one.
For a short amount of time, I was a part time New Yorker. I love NYC, it's am amazing city--- this is "Brooklyn Bridge: Brooklyn" by Stephanie Lempert. If you look closely, the shadows are all made of words significant to the artist and the city.

When you look in the mirror you want to see only fabulousness no? Well, what better way to see that than to see fabulous! This is "Fabulous" by Norbert Bruner. I love the black ornate mirror up against the sleek minimal mirror. A fun oxymoron.
"Texture of a Ghost" by Andrew Erdos... it was a mirrored room with glass blown sculptured coming off the wall, eerie lighting and two flat screens mounted on the ceiling of the room playing images of the Arizona red rock landscape. It was bizarre and enthralling.
How can you not love Tin Tim and have him in your home? "Tin Tin en la Pena Bernal" by Cantabella. Super fun! I love it when art has a sense of humor.
This was one of my favorites of the day... Andy Burgess painted this beautiful piece...and it had a red dot. Lucky. I love the palette, the brush strokes and the way they compliment the clean modern lines of the home. The light also almost glows off the canvas, its gorgeous!
So some art is expensive, some is "affordable" and some is completely accessible. This funny piece was "affordable" at, $3,000. "Sir Henry Pug" by David Imlay... I have a soft spot for pugs, having grown up with a few. I've painted my Ricky...he currently hangs in babykins' room.
This was one of the neatest pieces I saw and would love to have this. "Untitled" by American Graham Caldwell. Hanging right next to this, was...
This pretty Calder. I love Calder, he is one of my favorites...his palette, his motion---all of it.
The Cristo gates may have been temporary, but the drawings the duo prepared will live on. I was a PT NY-er when the gates were installed for 30 days, I would love this drawing.
After all that art...we took a break in the VIP lounge. Nice eh? ... OK back to the art...

These two pieces were among my favorites. First of all because they remind me of something you would find on the blog, Unhappy Hipsters. Secondly in the first one...they are watching my favorite movie, "The Sound of Music". Julie Blackmon's "Night Movie".
Isn't this genius? We all thought so---artist and resident of the Berkshires, Molly Hatch was there and was such a pleasure to talk to. I would have bought the entire collection, this one is "Mon Plaisir: Count Fersen, Mlle. Lamballe et Mlle. Polignac" was one of my favorites. You should definitely look up Molly's beautiful gouache paintings and ceramic pieces.
Jessica Joslin is responsible for this trio of misfits, "Caliope". Aren't they amazing? Have I mentioned I love taxidermy and all dead zoo like pieces? I find it beautiful and comical all at the same time.

Two years ago when I first went to Art Miami, I fell in love with the work of this artist...and on Friday it happened again. I love it! Her comical sense of humor, the femininity found in the paintings, the colors...all of it! Kelly Reemsten. Look her up and fall in love with your own dress. I would happily hang these all down a hall.
Isn't this hysterical? It was the last shot I took when leaving Art Miami, so I apologize I didn't get the artist information.
Outside Art Miami we were greeted by this shirted tree. Fun eh? ...and yes, it was a beautiful day. After this, we hopped over to Scope.
This piece was totally made of buttons! Can you believe that? I wish I had taken a close up of Ran Hwang's piece. Fortunately I did take one of the other Hwang that hung next to this one...

All that thread made this...amazing isn't it?
Did I mention I like art with a sense of humor? "Jackalope" at $1,300 by Bryan Cunningham was definatly one I would like to have picked up!
I also gladly would have taken this one home, $2,900 for "Monkey Pioneers of Outer Space" by Chris Roberts Antieau. This was a textile piece. So pretty...and funny. Love it! Want it.
Remember the category of accessible art? THIS is it... Evan B. of his small pieces was $175! His work is whimsical and inventive, and I fell in love with it.
I also fell in love with this one...and I am SO angry I didn't get the artist details for it. It reminded me of a Fraganard.
Artist D*Face created this funny and satirical view of Hollywood.
Why not?
Too funny.
So tired. Here we are at the end of Scope. From here we walked over to the edge of the Design District where we found this eh?

AND we finally made it to the Veuve Clicquot airstream for "champ" which is what Chris was most looking forward to all day. He lead the way to the lounge and graciously drank his "champ" .
It was another fun installment of Art Basel in Miami for me. I hope you enjoyed what I virtually brought to you to see!


  1. I'm with Chris...Wish I could have some champ. Haha! And you look gorgeous in cobalt! Hope you got my email...LOVE love love my painting! xoxo

  2. Loved your fabulous look amazing, btw.
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