Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Wardrobe: Turqouise and Silver

It's here, the school year. Remember when school started AFTER labor day? ...yeah well not anymore. School started and that means traffic is back, school zones in the morning are back and soon at work, our "summer dress code" will go away and we'll be back to business. Everyone is slowly coming back from vacation and talking about what they did where...but not me. This year my "What I Did Over the Summer" essay would go a little something like this...
I worked, spent time with my baby and painted. A lot! The summer may be over for some...but for Mother Nature in is far from being over. So today I am wearing a very summer palette...turquoise and silver. I figure as long as the temperature is over 95, the humidity is over 90% and there are hurricanes churning off the's summer!

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