Monday, August 22, 2011

Pinterest (*swoon)

So I finally did it. I joined Pinterest and oh my! It's amazing! Really and truly ...I have been a user of Tumblr for 2 years now---but this takes that to another level. Here I can organize my images into groups so I can not only categorize...but I can actually find! Pinterest is like Tumblr's older and more responsible sister. One of my boards is called, Potential Paintings. Here is an image from that board...I saw this and thought to myself, that is a magnificent way of incorporating a monogram into a design! I love it. I am enjoying adding bits and pieces to all my boards. If you are on Pinterest, feel free to
follow me--- or just take a look at the boards I'm curating.

Happy Monday!



  1. Cool - another good friend has been telling me nothing but awesome things about pinterest ...

  2. Nice post, photos and blog. :)