Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Threads: Minor Details

Minor details...sometimes that is all that it takes to take something from pretty to stunning. From plain to extraordinary. Details. They are all around you--- and you should always pay attention.
Here are two items which I would gladly add to my repertoire just for the small details they have. This watch is another fabulous collaboration between Timex and J.Crew. Here 's the kicker...the detail I am in love with on this piece, the date! It's what these watches have been missing. I love having the date on my watches. Here another lovely piece. Kate Spade designed this beautiful clutch which looks like a copy of Pride and Prejudice. First of all this is one of the greatest novels of all time---so how lovely is it that you can take it with you anywhere while you look lovely sipping on a cocktail at a fete?!

These are my picks for Thursday Threads this week. The little details that make you stand out.

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