Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bon Fete

It is hard to believe but in 3 short months babykins will be 1! Amazing. So...the anal planner in me is thinking party themes (notice one of my Pinterest boards). I have been a fan of bunting for a while, even thought about putting some sweet bunting in babykins' room...and now with her party in the not so distant future...I am thinking of bunting, pastel color schemes and pom poms. That is where the inspiration for this drawing came. I'm thinking it could be a fun painting for any space. What do you think?
...now I ask you...pom poms, bunting and or pinwheels?


  1. I could! I think I can make the pom pom garlands...but I may have to order the bunting...

  2. Just looked at the pinetrest. I think bunting WITH pom poms.