Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Buttons are so pretty aren't they? They can be simple or complex...they can literally hold things together or figuratively. Pinterest Tree Find

My Family Tree c.2002

When I first started working in museums I would often spend my weekends out in the community working the museum booth with some sort of art activity at whatever festival or event we were there for. Most events would have peaks and lulls...and during the lulls I would make my own "sample" of the art project.

Sometime in the year 2001...maybe 2002 I made this family tree for myself. I had come up with the craft project for the museum for a family festival. It was fun and simple... take yarn for trunk and buttons to represent the people.

Then, recently while on Pinterest I found the image of a button tree! I decided to add it to one of my boards as it reminded me of my tree. I think its time I update my family tree...lots of changes have occurred since 2002! I really think these are pretty and on canvas would look gorgeous...happy to make one for you and your sweet family.


  1. The button tree is really cool looking. And YES! you do need to update your tree ... with a precious tiny button for Little C :)

  2. Really wonderful idea, I love it Cecilia!!


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