Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Threads

I really like my ensemble today...and I have had to put my big canvases away in storage...so no painting for me this week...that means I am relying on my trusty sketch book.

I'm meeting with people about tomorrow about the book I am working on for them. I'll get the green light on which version they liked and will do 2 color sketches for them to decide on...basically for them to
decide on the medium.
Yesterday I mentioned some drawings that were inspired by Singleton in the Kitchen. Here is a page out of my sketchbook dedicated to those.
Hope you're having a nice week so far...tomorrow we celebrate Bastille Day at Chez cSd...the D is not just for D, but Dubon...and Dubon dubon est tres bon!

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  1. Love when you open up the sketch book for us to see. Lovely dress you're wearing too :)