Friday, July 9, 2010

Done and Done

Thank you everyone for your input!
Picture #1 is me earlier today...and Picture #2 is with my cut...

As you can see I went with a trim and the sweeping bang. I'm happy with the result...what I think I am going to do is let is grow for the rest of my pregoness and then pull a Katie and donate my hair again.

Have a fantastic Friday night!!


  1. Your hair will get thicker and thicker and fuller and fuller. But then... about three months post-partum it will fall out. Like crazy! So def enjoy it now and donate later. You look great!

  2. Love it! Super cute as always!

  3. Looks great! I hope you have a terrific wknd! xx

  4. Thank you ladies!! I am happy with the result. Tried a new hair person too...I don't think they are replacing my hair god though...xoxo

  5. You look gorgeous! And your specs are so every sense of the world!