Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Threads

So technically these are not my Thursday Threads...there are my threads from yesterday...Wednesdays Wardrobe...

Today, I'm wearing OB 23 week visit friendly clothes...i.e. nothing too heavy (every ounce counts) and something that will be easily moved for heartbeat hearing.
So...not sketch worthy...but all is well with Baby Cas. She is good!

I'd like to give a special thank you to my friend Kristin from
Summer in Newport for being my rock super star... and I'd like to wish Happy Birthday to Beth from
Social Climbers !!


  1. So crazy to dress for the doctor like you're dressing for weight watchers :) ANd to have to think about if you're wearing a dress, or skirt, or pants.

  2. I know right?!...but I'm right aren't I??

  3. Love that Bastille day look, not to mention the awesome sketch!

  4. Every ounce counts. Ah ha ha. I remember those days! Love the striped top!

  5. Perfect outfit for Bastille Day! So glad your baby is well. Have a great week. xx