Tuesday, July 6, 2010

DC Recap

Reason 8698 why I am glad we were in DC last week and not this week...the heat! The oppressive heat!

Anyhow--- I wanted to share with you some highlights from the whirlwind of a trip. DC is not the kind of town you can squeeze into 72 hours, even if you are there on business.

The first picture is of our Nation's Capitol Building from behind as we made our way from Senator Lemieux's office to Representative Ros-Lehtinen's office.

The next picture is of part of our group with the Rep. herself. She's really a lovely woman, so easy to talk to and it certainly doesn't hurt that she knows and likes my in-laws very much. I got a pat on the belly and a kiss on the cheek on my way out.

This was the sum of Day 1...visits on the Hill and then dinner with the team...followed by sleep and a mini-chorus line rehearsal from inside my womb.

The next day was one LONG meeting with our exhibits designers. Fortunately we ended a little early and got to romp a little in Silver Spring before heading to dinner...(note: romping in Silver Spring, NOT nearly as fun as romping in Georgetown for instance). The highlight of Day 2, seeing Auntie J, a.ka. Singleton in the Kitchen after dinner..for second dinner... which consisted of the ever famous (and delicious) Brueger's Bagels, Herby Turkey and some cupcakes...yum! Here's Auntie J with Cas, don't they look cute?

Day 3 was a crazy chaotic walk-a-thon! We started off by losing part of our group as they didn't make it onto the train fast enough...then off to the National Archives, Spy Museum, lunch at Zola at the Spy Museum...Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Smithsonian American History Museum and a short walk through the Annual Folk Life Festival on the Mall before heading to Regan.

The pictures below are from Day 3... the first picture is of some huge gorgeous chunks of citrine, Cas' birthstone (should she come on time...if she's early and comes in
October she gets the opal). I'm not the biggest fan of citrine, but we can find a pretty yellow one I'm sure...or bring a huge chunk into her life.

The next picture is of a much prettier stone... the famous, Hope Diamond. Lovely isn't it? They are working on a new setting for it, that is why it is out of its current setting. The stand it is on rotates...and there was quite a crowd around the diamond when we first got there. I like the little boy across the case from me...just waiting to stare at it like the rest of us are. Lovely...

Then there is a lovely shot of the Washington Monument taken from the museum side of the mall...and then finally a snapshot of me with it in the background as we are walking through the Folk Life Festival.

Anyhow--- I do love DC. It's such a great city. I could live there happily. I'm actually sad that J is leaving in about a
month...I'm hoping work will lead her back there, as visiting her is fun in the first place, but visiting her there has been exceptionally fun!

Other than this...I am 2/3 done with some sketches I am sending off before Friday for a commissioned book project. When I am done with those I will share.

In the meantime...have a great Tuesday! Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend.


  1. I look like scary auntie J in that picture! I'm so glad I got to see you, even if it's just for a little bit! It's definitely hard to believe last week we were worried about sweaters, and it's sooo darn hot right now! And, I'm definitely sad about moving, but, the good news is, Dudley will still be here. We can always come visit and kick him out!

  2. Love DC! I'm regretting the "hair" cut, don't do it. xoxo

  3. Looks like a fun trip! The Spy museum and Natural History are both lots of fun. I missed the Folklife festival this year; how was it?

  4. love the photo of your little girl belly and Auntie J!!! so cute!

  5. It was my first time experiencing the festival. It was neat...Mexico and Asia were the highlights. Wish I'd had more time.

  6. I adore Citrine. I've always wanted a giant Citrine cocktail ring!

  7. Sounds like you had the best visit!