Monday, July 12, 2010


In my first art a REAL gallery (summer 2008) I had a painting of a cupcake. It was one of the 22 pieces I did for that show. Today that painting of a cupcake lives at Misha's Cupcakes in Coral Gables.
If you are in the Miami area, and want a TO DIE FOR...sweet as sweet can be, dense as dense can be vanilla cupcake...go to Misha's. It's one of my favorite things in the world this vanilla cupcake of hers. She makes other great flavours such as a mocha and Oreo...but my fave is the vanilla.
Anyhow---point is I love a good cupcake. Who doesn't right? Even before the cupcake craze hit ( I blame Magnolia Bakery in NYC)...we all grew up on cupcakes. Now there are boutique cupcake stores everywhere... my favorites in Miami are, Misha's Cupcakes , Butter Cream (who make a TO DIE FOR red velvet cupcake, a lovely guava and a great chocolate) and I have to say I am a sucker for the Cold Stone ice cream cupcakes...they may not count...but they are good!
Although I have decided to paint the Pies for my show at Books and Books in Coral Gables in September (opening on Friday September 3rd if you are in town)...I think I need to do some more mini cupcakes, for fun! I had also sketched some cookies inspired by Singleton in the Kitchen last summer which I must tend too as well...
Any other baked goods you'd like me to tackle? for the's the Magnolia Bakery T-Shirt. I want I NEED if any of you are in NYC and feel the need to get one for your fave prego artist... I'll take one in a L (I will fit into a L again won't I?...I would say M...but the website says they run small).
Ok, let me know about the baked goods...maybe I'll sketch some up and post them tomorrow.


  1. I have that shirt and boy did I "earn" it. $80 spent on cupcakes and worth every penny. HOWEVER I think Buttercream in South Miami is WAY better. (the best in Miami) but on a side note if you reallly want to see something yummy check my blog!

  2. How did I go to NYC and not go to Magnolia's? Ahhhhhhhh!

  3. I still say Buttercream is my fav cupcake shop! :)

    You should paint croissants in honor of Bastille day! :) I also think you should do an ice cream sundae (complete with sprinkles and a cherry)! I know it isn't a "baked good" but it still is a good!

  4. Robin thanks for the ideas!!