Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Monday

Hello Monday!

What a weekend. I did a great job getting a sunburn on Saturday (my skin is still hot to the touch...ouch)...and yesterday I went fabric hunting for the new house. I found a great fabric for the chairs in my office that will get reupholstered. Next I need to find a fabric for our new headboard.

This weekend the bump started visibly every time I feel a kick, you can also see it. Very weird, but VERY cool.

Here is a look at what I wore today. A very comfortable dress I inherited from a friend and some new Gap "City Flats" in the beige...I honestly highly recommend them, very comfortable....and a look at the fabric I found for my chairs.

Very well...I hope the rest of your Monday is lovely.

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  1. Love the fabric! 24 wks is such a great time too. Enjoy!