Sunday, February 7, 2010

Thursday, Friday and Sunday Ensembles

Thursday I wore one of my favorite dresses from Anthropologie with the only heels I can wear and some great jewels from Kristin Pearce. The best part about this dress is...pockets! Nothing beats a dress with pockets!

Casual Friday ALWAYS calls for jeans in my book. So, this Friday called for cropped turquoise jeans with a white eyelet top. I finished up the look with gold flats, my favorite necklace from J.Crew and some cute bobby pins from Anthro which I got for my birthday.

Friday night I had to go to 2 events. One at St. Philip's for the vestry and school board...and the other a going away for my friend and sorority sister, Sarah. I put on this mini dress with the same flats but all gold tone jewels.

This morning--its nice and crisp in Miami. The high is suppose to get to 68, so I went with a warmer look for church. I am going to have to change into some black and gold for the Superbowl.


  1. I need you to draw me! Awesome xx


  2. These are fun. It's really hard (at least for me) to draw myself or to draw any human. Your Sunday morning drawing looks SOOOO much like you! Funny.. Love them. Draw me toooooo

  3. happy to draw you ladies at anytime! send me a pic via email and I will get crackin'. :)

  4. I've even seen gorgeous wedding gowns with pockets. Pockets rock!