Monday, February 1, 2010

It was my birthday

Sorry I was mysto for a week---but see, it was birthday week.
If I take birthday month serious....well you can imagine how seriously I take birthday week, and can imagine what birthday weekend is like.
My birthday was Friday Jan. 29 and I celebrated with 3 of my best friends in what one party guest called, "the best house party I've ever been to!"
Now that birthday month is over...the year can go on and I can focus on everyone else's

birthday...which is tons of fun! Aren't birthdays the best?

Happy Birthday kids!

BTW- the tiara on my birthday is a tradition I started my sophmore year in college when I turned 20.


  1. Glad you have fun..17 days until mine!! xo

  2. kristin did you see my belt?!?!