Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lovely Weekend

I adore Valentine's Day. I think it's all the pink, red, hearts and chocolate.

However, I've never done anything cliche on Valentine's Day (ok, one thing but I can't write about it here)...the dinners out, the flowers...never done that.

What I have done...wear lots of red and pink, get chocolate for friends...and those great little elementary school valentine cards...all for friends.

This valentines day weekend seems abnormally busy...

1. Valentine's Day

2. President's Day Weekend (3-day)

3. Mardi Gras Weekend

In Miami we also have the Coconut Grove Arts Festival and the Boat Show this weekend.
I'll definitely be hitting the Grove Arts Festival tomorrow (I was a judge this year).
Anyhow---here is a snap shot of my "What I Wore" sketches for this weekend thus far. I told you...I like to wear the red and pink this weekend.
So Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you get everything you want from family, friends...or that special someone.

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  1. I love your pink and red outfits! I wish I'd been there to Valentine it up with you. :(